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    Submucosal Injection

    Dr. performed EGD, CPT 43251, with submucosal injection. Any suggestions for CPT code used for the injection? Thanks in advance.
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    Hyperactive Airway

    Any ideas for coding (ICD-9) hyperactive airway? Thanks!!
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    Dx Is Cvat

    Need help with ICD-9 code for CVAT (costovertebral angle tenderness). Alpha index only lists abdominal (gen/localized), rebound and skin. thanks!
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    Achilles Tendon Pain

    Would ICD-9 code for the above DX be 729.5, Pain in limb? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Dx For Status Post Lap Cholecystectomy

    Should secondary dx be V45.89 (other/postoperative NEC)? Thanks!
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    Cardiac Arrhythmia

    Need help with code for cardiac arrhythmia (SVT). Thanks!
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    Submucosal Injection - appropriate to claim

    For CPT 45381, Colonoscopy with directed submucosal injection(s) any substance, is it appropriate to claim the substance injected; ie, Epinephrine/India ink?