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    Help with diagnosis coding diabetes

    How would you code Diabetes Mellitus coma due to malignant neoplasm of the pancreatic duct? I saw this on a test. Would you code 249.30, 157.3 or the other way around 157.3, 249.30? What is the reasoning for your decision? Thank you
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    blling for leased cath lab servics

    My vascular surgeons are interested in leasing a cath lab at a local hospital, in order to make their scheduling easier. My questions include how to bill Medicare primarily but also other carriers for the Global fees for interventional vascular services. Any insight you might provide will be...
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    I am attempting to locate a good example of a well documented comprehensive eval and management note to use as a teaching tool for one of the urologists in my group practice, who insists that because of his specialty, he is not necessarily required to present his documentation in the same format...