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    If you go to the top of the page and click under resources there is information about health insurance. You can possibly get a reduced rate with some medical insurance companies if you are an AAPC member.
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    Aerotek - Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Just wanted to point out that the original post is from 2010.
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    Fraud Investigator Salary Inquiry

    No, they are different credentials with different aspects of work... CFE is for fraud CPMA is for auditing.. Many employers do not sponsor you to get more credentials. It is often something we have to do on our own and hope our hard work pays off and our employer takes notice with a better...
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    Fraud Investigator Salary Inquiry

    Are you credentialed as a CFE (certified fraud examiner)?
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    per chart rate

    Depends, is it in-patient, out-patient. E/M or some type of speciality, surgical, cardiology, neurology etc. What is the average page length? Many things to factor in.. :)
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    E&M Coding from Home back log

    I was not referring to Moonriver.. Have a delightful day!
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    What companies outsource for posting payments?

    Honestly, I have never heard of any companies allowing you to post payments remotely. When it comes to payments companies like to keep that in house.
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    Pathology expert needed for Remote project

    This opportunity is no longer available. Thank you.
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    Pathology expert needed for Remote project

    My company Parses is looking for a pathology coding/auditor expert to review a rather large spreadsheet from an insurance company to see if there are any suspect billing trends. Such as suspicious code pairs, unbundling etc... As of now there are 192,000 line items... I usually perform these...
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    What is a Senior Biller????

    Usually it is someone with multiple years experience, a higher pay grade and often times supervises others with less experience.
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    Ingenix remote coding

    I have worked remotely for Ingenix before and it has always been a very pleasant experience. it was not through AIM however.
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    Ingenix/UHC HCC Coding

    I never interviewed with them but I have worked those projects on 2 separate occasions for them. They work closely with my full time employer and have "borrowed" me on occasion to assist.
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    At home jobs

    I have worked out of my home office for the past 3 years. Granted it is very difficult esp with 2 young children however I love it. It takes a lot of discipline as well as a great deal of knowledge of the coding world to be able to do it remotely. It is quite understandable to me when I see...
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    Aviacode input

    I have 2 friends that work for them remotely and both are very pleased.
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    Please help me find a paid position

    I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. It is very frustrating and stressful. Have you applied for entry level positions at medical offices, hospitals, billing companies etc... Sometimes the position we do not really want is the one that will open doors in order to get the position we...
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    MedAssurant-Coding from Home

    Last I heard they were not looking to hire any remote coders.
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    Registered Nurse/CPC looking for per diem ER E/M work

    A company by the name of Aviacode is looking for remote E/M auditors. I was approached by them but had to decline as I already work remotely for 3 other companies. I have 2 friends who work for them currently and are very happy with them. Best of Luck!
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    CPC-H-A Looking for position in Chicagoland

    This was posted in the resume postings.
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    Having trouble

    One major obstacle is that there are so many coders now wanting to work remotely. So even if an out-pt remote coding position opens up they are flooded with 100's of resumes for one available spot. I had 12 years of coding experience and have dual credentials as a CPC and CFE and it still took...
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    Outcomes Remote Coding positions
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    No Coding Jobs for inexperienced Coders

    Try this place.. I know they have been placing people in coding positions in the Chicago land area.
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    Outcomes Remote Coding positions

    I have been fortunate with Outcomes. Granted I do not recommend them for full time employment as there is quite a bit of work and not the highest of pay. But I have a full time remote position and took on Outcomes for some extra holiday cash. :) My charts have been a max of 5 DOS... I am sure...
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    Outcomes Remote Coding positions

    Sent you a private msg.
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    Coding software question.. Help!

    My company is starting a new project. We want to make it easier for the auditor to click on the billed procedural code and to see the rules supporting the use of that code: Such as what are the medical indications or requirements for the code. We know there are many sources but is there one...
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    Coding software question.. Help!

    My company is starting a new project. We want to make it easier for the auditor to click on the billed procedural code and to see the rules supporting the use of that code: Such as what are the medical indications or requirements for the code. We know there are many sources but is there one...
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    Where are the RN CPC-A entry level positions?

    Go to and under search type in utilization review. There are many jobs that are posted weekly where they want an RN/CPC. As an added bonus many can be worked remotely. Good Luck!
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    What is the pay range for remote coding?

    I also do remote contract coding. One position is dual e/m auditor and fraud investigator and pays $30 an hour. Other position pays $35 an hour and type of work fluctuates from fraud reviews, auditing and ICD-9 coding. It all depends on the company you work for, their location and years of...
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    ?Remote Company

    From what I have heard they are accepting applications.
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    Hey so sorry that I did not respond to your questions. I had back surgery and have been off of...

    Hey so sorry that I did not respond to your questions. I had back surgery and have been off of the internet for a while.
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    Inpatient Coding - I am an outpatient coder

    Jifnif Keeping my fingers crossed for you Jen. I really hope you ace the interview and pre-employment test. :D
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    Has anyone heard of United Healthcare Systems

    Yes they are legit. My company does work for them on a regular basis. Another of my friends works on-site for them in a management position at their Arizona location. Good Luck.
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    PHNS Coding

    I interviewed and tested with them. I had taken another position though so when the offer came I had to decline. I have heard good things though.
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    Anesthesia Coder

    We have come across several openings for coders and educators that have extensive anesthesia experience. Please call me at your convenience at 813-552-2047. I would love a chance to let you know more about these positions. Best regards, Steve Asaro Stephen Asaro HIM Recruiter 1001 E...
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    Maxim is what we are discussing in this thread.
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    Open Positions??

    Also check out the temp agencies in that area. Many times they can place you in a medical/admin position that is temp to hire. At least it is steady income and gets your foot in the door.
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    I took 3 different coding tests for them and passed them all. I felt they were quite easy. I never did end up working for them though. I began with another company while Maxim was trying to get a new contract started.
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    Advance Medical Reviews

    Yes they are legit. However the work is very sparce. Maybe 1 review every 3-5 weeks or so. If you are looking for steady work or even part time work this is not the company for you. It took them 2 months to send even just 1 review to me.
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    Remote contract work

    I am sorry I simply do not have time to reply to every PM or to send info to personal e-mails. Also due to past experiences I am unable to post links for remote contract work. I only responded to Codexpert in this manner as I was having problems responding to her by PM.
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    Remote contract work

    Amy Never got your PM or e-mail.
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    RN with CPC-A needs job in Chicago!

    When you are searching also look for jobs titled utilization review. You are required to be an RN but they also LOVE it if you are credentialed as a CPC. Check out They often post jobs for this type of position. I live north of Chicago... :) Small world!
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    Remote contract work

    I am going to PM you a link that has info on 172 companies that periodically hires remote coders. I suggest sending in your resume to all of them. :)
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    Remote contract work

    I did respond to your PM. Unfortunatley I do not know of any companies hiring remote currently. If I come upon any I will let you know.
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    New coder-REALLY Frustrated!!!

    livey With you being an RN and CPC try looking for remote utilization review positions. With those they prefer an RN and being a CPC is an added bonus. PM me if you want and I can give you a heads up of some companies hiring.
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    Interview boo boo

    I agree with Donna and it also is a nice way to let them know that you are still very much interested in the job. A potential boss will take that into consideration if it has come down to only a few of you. I know I would be more likely to hire the one who sent me a follow up note. :)
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    Some Advice if you Please...

    Dave I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. You have a very refreshing outlook and obvious maturity. I know you will do well in this field with hardwork and determination. My husband is a union electrician and he has also said his code books and mine look similar. There is no doubt in my...
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    Outcomes Inc. employee's??

    I work from home for an outstanding company and could not be happier.
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    Inexperienced Ortho, Pain Mgmt, Neuro and Ambulatory Surgery Center Coder

    I love your attitude of going for it in hopes of gaining experience. :) But in reality a company that is in need of a particular type of coder is going to get a ton of resumes of highly qualified candidates. Most likely they will interview those they are interested in and that they know is...
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    Advice on ethics?

    What meeting?
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    When lymphoscintigraphy is performed in advance of the surgical procedure to mark and locate the sentinel node(s), the injection should be reported using CPT code 38792 and CPT code 78195 should be used to report the lymphoscintigraphy.