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    17000 Location?

    A provider is telling me when they document 17000, they do not have to document the location. Is that correct?
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    My pediatrician has admitted an infant to observation. Next day, infant transferred to another hospital. Can we charge Observation discharge and transfer of care?
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    Wiki Nausea and vomiting due to antineoplastic therapy - ICD-10 Code for Nausea vomiting

    Is T88.7XXA, T45.1X5, R11.2 correct for nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy?
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    Coding Med refills w/ nothing in note

    Can a Doctor just add to plan "refill Hypertension meds" and put nothing else in note pertaining to Hypertension?
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    ICD-10-CM Drafts

    Is there any difference in the 2011 Draft of ICD-10-CM and the 2013 Draft?