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    Question Vaping Code

    Yes F17.290 CMS released a new guidance on Oct 17, 2019. Attached below
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    Question Radiation-PET FDG dye denials

    Does anyone else have a vendor that is not on rebateable drug list for the fdg dye? We are getting denials from Medicaid because our vendor is not on this list in my state. Does anyone have a vendor that IS on the list?
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    only code what you know at time of service, not from report
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    Pet imaging (78815) w/ c79.51

    I only am coding the primary cancer dx (not the secondary). There is a good website NCCN image criteria that lists payable codes for PETs. I interpret it to say that we know the pt has the primary dx, coding the secondary (to me) is like coding to "rule out"