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    Medicare experts

    Does anyone know how I go about converting CPT codes into the counterpart Medicare G code? Is there a website? Thank you
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    Flu test a and b

    Hello! Does anyone know the proper coding regulations under UnitedHealth for coding BOTH the Flu A and Flu B tests on the same DOS? UHC is rejecting the following: 87400 x2 units 87400 and 87400-91 87400 and 87400-79 Any thoughts? Thanks, Grace A. Hawa, CPA-A
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    G0107 and Medicare

    Hello: Can anyone tell me if G0107 (Fecal Occult) is covered under Medicare regulations under a routine physical? Thank You
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    Questioning Advantages of AAPC Membership

    Hello: I became a CPC-A in December of 2009. Both my educational (Master Degree in Finance) and professional backgrounds are stellar. Yet, despite all that, I have not been able to put my foot in the door in the Billing and Coding field because of my lack of experience in the field. A couple...
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    CPC-A in Houston, TX

    Hello! I passed my CPC exam in December upon first attempt. I am seeking a Medical Billing and Coding position. I am a detail oriented, focused, and very enthusiastic learner wishing to align myself with a facility or doctor's office in order to contribute to their mission and growth. I have...
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    Hardworking CPC-A in Houston Texas Looking for either Part Time or Full-Time Position

    Good Morning: I am a CPC-A in Houston, Texas and I obtained CPC Certification in December upon first try. I have also completed Health Information Speacialist certification with a 4.0 GPA. I have interned for a couple of months at the Medical Center in Houston. Unfortunately, the doctor's...
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    CPC-A Looking for Long Term position

    I just received CPC-A certification 2 months ago and I am looking for a position with either a Hospital or a physician's office in Houston, Texas. I have completed an Internship at a Cardiologist's office in the Medical Center. I am fluent in 4 languages and I am also a Master's Degree...