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    27884 vs 11403

    Op report states, "..the right below-the-knee amputation site was approached and sharply debrided into the subfascial plan removing all necrotic and devitalized tissue to healthy bleeding tissue. The would was then copiously irrigated with sterile saline. Hemostasis was achieved with...
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    27884 vs 11043

    Op report states, "..the right below-the-knee amputation site was approached and sharply debrided into the subfascial plan removing all necrotic and devitalized tissue to healthy bleeding tissue. The would was then copiously irrigated with sterile saline. Hemostasis was achieved with...
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    Neuromonics Device

    Anyone have any experience billing for a Neuromonics Device? What HCPCS do you use (is there a better one than E1399)? If E1399 is the only code choice, what documentation do you submit in order to maximize any insurance benefits the patient may have? Becky, CPC
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    95992 - Audiologist & Incident To Question

    Can a Canalith procedure (95992) performed by an audiologist be billed as incident-to a physician's services if all incident-to guidelines are met? Becky, CPC
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    31237 - Post Operative Debridement

    I need the expert advice of an expert ENT coder. Are there any rules for billing or not billing a 31237-58 during the global post op period of a septoplasty procedure? I know I'm OK billing the 31237 when the debridement is releated to the FESS codes, since the FESS codes don't have any global...
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    Degenerated Disc Space

    I'm coding for a radiologist who works for an Ortho group. If he lists degeneration of disc space in his impression without listing any other issue, what dx code range should I look in? It's not enough to use a DDD dx, is it? Becky, CPC
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    Radiology Dx

    I am new to radiology coding, and I'm having trouble making the shift from the cut-and-dried dx coding in chart notes to the not-so-overt diagnoses listed as a radiologist's impressions. I can use an opinion or 2 or 3 from others more experienced than I. Please read the following and let me...
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    Kidney Stones during Pregnancy

    I need opinions on the dx coding for an OB patient admitted for kidney stones. She was subsequently induced "for pain." I would normally use 592.0 + V22.2 for the hospital stay, but I'm not comfortable using that combo to explain the induction & delivery. Would a 646.2x be appropriate (are...
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    Surgical Monitoring, Standby & Reporting question

    I'm very new to this category, and I need some experienced advice. I've got a physician coding a 95920-26, 95925-26, 95926-26, 95861-26, & 95957-26. He is NOT in attendance during the surgery. He is available if needed for phone consult during surgery; otherwise he is reviewing all data...
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    Cath placement for Dx Angiography

    Can a 75716, & 36246 be billed together if there is only one puncture site? I'm a little confused by the CPT guidelines under "Vascular Procedures, Aorta and Arteries." A therapeutic procedure is not being performed. Is the 36246 included in the 75716? Becky, CPC
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    Nasal Septal Button Supply

    What code do you use for the septal button supply that goes with a 30220? One of ENT docs just started doing the 30220 (Insertion, nasal septal prostheis) in his office. When he was looking into this last year, he determined that D5922 (Nasal septal prosthesis) was the code to use for the...
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    Changes to Global Days

    Hi Fellow Coders! I just now found out about about the 2011 changes in global days for the simple repair codes. I'm a tad disappointed in myself that I didn't catch this change sooner. In the interest of improving my knowledge & performance, I'm looking for feedback from my colleagues. How...
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    Endometrial Bx with Cervical Dilation

    Can anyone tell me why a 57800 (Dilation of cervial canal, instrumental) is bundled with a 58100 (Endometrial Sampling...without cervial dilation)? It doesn't make sense to me that the providers don't get paid for the cervical dilation when the 58100 specifically states WITHOUT cervical...
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    G0438 question

    I know I'm going to get this question from multiple docs--if a patient is already an established Medicare patient in the practice and has had physicals in previous years, can the doctor charge a G0438 for the AWV done in 2011 if all documentation requirements & other criteria are met? Becky, CPC
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    Prolia injection

    Are any physician practices billing Medicare and getting paid for Prolia injections (aka denosumab)? If so, how much is Medicare allowing for your area? Becky, CPC
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    2011 Proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

    Has anyone heard of any updates to or on the proposed 2011 MPFS since August? I'm interested in the proposals to expand the payment reduction on multiple imaging services and the changes to preventive services coverage. I suspect nothing new has been released, but I could be missing something...
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    PP curettage

    Hi all you OB-GYN coding mavens! I need some info on the 59160. Why doesn't it include a dilation? Is it assumed that a dilation isn't needed during the post partum period? If a gradual dilation is needed & done, can a 57800 be billied in conjunction with the 59160? There are no NCCI...
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    Vac/Forceps delivery code clarification

    669.5x is listed as "Forceps or vacuum extractor delivery without mention of indication." I'm looking for clarification of the "without mention of indication" part. For example, if a vacuum was used to assist delivery because of fetal bradycardia, is fetal bradycardia considered "indication,"...
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    Insertion of Morphogenic Protein, Clavicle Area

    I have an Orthopod client who is doing a new procedure & needs coding help. I don't see anything specific in the Surgery section. My client states this is a type of "allograft to promote bone growth." Does anybody have any suggestions? Rebecca Hardin, CPC
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    Discography Coding

    My doc is doing discograms. He wants to bill a 72295, 62290, & 77003. Is that appropriate? Is the 77003 included in the 62290? Rebecca Hardin, CPC