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    Labs Through the Hospital

    If you are billing lab services through the hospital, these are rural hospitals, do those services need to be billed on institutional claims or professional? These are ONLY labs for patients that are not admitted to the hospital. They are either walking in to the laboratory to get the labs done...
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    Injection of Amniotic Stem Cells

    Our dr is adding this in all of her surgeries but I cannot find a good code for this? Has anyone used this before or do you know if it is included in the surgery? It seems like it should be separate? Any direction or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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    Toxicology coding preferences

    Does anyone know if any commercial insurances prefer the G toxicology codes over the 8000 toxicology codes? I know Medicare wants the G codes but wasn't sure about any others. Thanks!!
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    Job Opportunity - Plano, TX Lab Billing

    Hello all! My name is Kailey and I am a CPC at a company in Plano, TX. We just signed a lab client and are in need of some more staff! We are looking for someone with lab experience. This would be a full time position in the office, benefits are great and the company is very relaxed. There are...
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    Looking to hire a few billers

    Our company is looking to hire a few proactive billers in the next few weeks, experience with labs is a plus. We are located in North Texas and are a leading healthcare and IT company that provides a full benefit package and competitive salarys. Please send resumes and salary requirements to...
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    Claims per day per coder

    Our billing department goes by the rule of 1,500 - 2,000 claims a month that they bill out. This allows them to answer questions, post EOBs and work any denials. Depending on how difficult a client it is as well as the ability of the biller decides where they fit in that range. A client that has...
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    Can you do Well visits in a Nursing home?

    We have a doctor thinking that there is a specific code for Medicare wellness visits in a Nursing Home. The only Medicare yearly visit code i know is the G0439 for a subsequent visit. Can this be used with a 31 POS? Or is this only valid in the office? Thanks!!
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    Coding readmissions to SNFs HELP!!

    I received these two questions from a physician and I think I know the answer but cannot find clear documentation on it. Please help!! 1. If the patient in a SNF was d/c'd or adm to hospital, then re-admitted to the same SNF, do I code a "new" pt encounter, e.g., 99306?? 2. If the pt is...
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    Modifiers and base units

    I am new to anesthesia billing and I keep reading about how you should be adding the BVU, the time then multiplying by the conversion factor. What is the conversion factor and how do I find it? The Dr is in Texas. It also states to add all of that and the qualifying circumstances together. When...
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    Incident To Billing in Nursing Homes

    What if they are not credentialed?
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    Incident To Billing in Nursing Homes

    So when they go to the nursing home I just apply the AS modifier to show it was a NP?
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    Incident To Billing in Nursing Homes

    Hello all, I have found out a ton of information concerning incident to billing within the Dr office, however I cannot find anything stating what the rule is in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Does anyone know if the rule is the same and the Dr has to be physically available? Either...
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    Out of Network Patient balances

    There seems to be some confusion on this subject and I was hoping I could get some clarification. We have an OON Radiology center we bill for that wants to write off some patient balances when they are referred by certain Drs and bill other patients when referred by others. This seems wrong to...
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    Roll Call: Who's attending HEALTHCON in Nashville?

    I want to be sure I am appropriately attired. Are jeans and a nice shirt appropriate or dress pants and suits better suited for this event?
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    physical therapy mod needed? HELP!!

    I am not sure if these codes need modifiers to go with them. It does not specify and the only mod I found that could qualify might be a GP? Here are the 3 codes, 97112, 97110, 97140 Do these just get billed straight or are any modifiers needed? Thank you!!
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    Roll Call: Who's attending HEALTHCON in Nashville?

    1rst time I am coming to the conference! This will be my first AAPC Conference and the 1rst time I get to meet anyone from the area. I was sick during the last meeting so I could not attend but I would love to meet some of the people in the area! Oh Im in the Dallas/Richardson area in Texas btw
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    CPT code 95165

    We have a Dr who is trying to code out 300 units of 95165. Is there a maximum allowed number of units on this code? It doesn't say so in the CPT book, however after some research there are some sites that state you can only code 10 units. Any advice or knowledge of this code would be greatly...