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    Topaz Procedure

    Does anyone have experience coding this procedure? Any information that can be given would be very helpful. Thank you
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    E/M billable on the same day that procedure is schedule?

    When patients are in the office and are having issues (positive stool), they are placed on the schedule for a colonoscopy within the next week, can an E/M be billed for that visit? Or is this part of the surgical package?
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    Cannulated Screw Revision

    would anyone be able to help with a code for a patient that had cannulated screws that were cutting within the subchondral articular surface of the femoral head which were removed and replaced. The Operative Procedure: Removal of failed loosening hardware with secondary exchange of...
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    observation vs. inpatient stay

    case management states patient does not meet requirement for inpatient or observation status. what would be the procedure codes used for a two day stay? patient has medicare as primary insurance
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    Has anyone continued to further their education to a bachelors degree? If so how did you get started?
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    post op care only

    thank you
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    post op care only

    the date of service does not change to the surgery date correct, the date charged with the fx code is the date the patient is seen.
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    post op care only

    could someone refresh my memory on how we follow the format for post op care only. My provider is caring for a patient after she had a fx hip surgery done at other facility and is now in our office for fu care.
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    Can a consult be billed if the patient is referred by a PA/NP to the speciality doctor?
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    Remote Auditor for Orthopedics and Spine Surgery

    Can you tell me some information about your company pertaining to this job posting? Thank you
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    proficiency testing

    if you do not pass the ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment test in the two attepts can you purchase it again to retry? Would anyone know this information?
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    Remote coding positions available

    I am interested in the position. Here is my email address. Thank You,
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    can a meniscectomy be coded with a synovectomy, if so is modifier needed
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    dx code for TFCC

    need help with dx for TFCC tear, triangular fibrocartilage ligament complex tear
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    Ob/gyn coding seminars

    I am new to coding OB/GYN, does anyone have any information where I can attend any seminars or any good websites for this speciality.
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    Shoulder Experts-I'm so confused

    very interested in the information on shoulder coding, could you email it to me. thanks!
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    Myringotomy with PE tube insertion

    I am new with ENT coding and would like alittle help. My doctor inserted a PE tube along with a myringotomy with aspiration, would the PE tubes be included in that procedure or can I code seperate. Also does anyone have any good coding seminars or information that I could attend to for this...
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    Calling all orth experts

    I would only use for the bimalleolar fx 27814 with includes a incision on the lateral and medial malleolus, so if you are using 27829 it has to has a sep. incision., My understanding is that the medial malleolus is being repaired due to a fx that has disrupted the syndesmosis. I hope this will...
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    Experienced Coder Needed

    Could you tell me where the onsite coding position is.
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    SI joint injections

    I guess I should have been more specific on where this was performed. This injection was done in a office setting.
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    SI joint injections

    Could anyone tell me how they are coding for a SI joint injection for a dx of sacroilitis?
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    ASC- MULTI-SPECIALTY Contract Remote coding position available

    Hello, interested in this position, I have 18 yrs of ortho coding pertaining to ASC to inpatient procedures. Presently employed with a physician grp of orthoapedics Please contact me at 814-885-6736 Stacy CCA,CPC
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    Prolia--mixed information--need clarification

    In my office we code J3590 for the Prolia and 96372 for the injection part. I have no problems with receiving payment. You might have to put the NDC # in box 19 for some insurance. Our offices bills over 2000 for the medicine, I do suggest to increase your charge,some insurace have come back...
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    Help with Emergency Orthopaedic Trauma

    your place of service would be ER and you would think that they would see that. I would make a phone call to the insurance,or check into the insurance to see if there was any coverage. If that person got hit by someone else,,it goes on that auto insurance.
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    Hospital Consults

    What type of insurance does the patient's have?
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    waterproof liner

    In our office, we have the patient pay cash if they are asking for a water proof casting,,,$40.00.. Since the cast would be included if there is a fx charge.
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    Heel spur

    Does anyone have any idea which code to use if your dr. Is injecting a heel spur? Dx is heel pain/heel spur stacy
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    Shoulder arthroscopy

    Anyone have any good websites or any idea where i can get information on coding shoulder arthroscopy with full details with each procedure and what could be used together??? Help thanks
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    assistant at surgery billing

    We have a pa in our practice and every surgery that she assist on i bill the same code for her and place modifiers as,80 on the claim, and i have no problems with getting her claims paid good luck stacy
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    Reaction to Vancomycin postop

    Any Suggestions? I have a patient that was given Vancomycin preoperative and during the sx she began to have a reaction to the medicine and needed to be transferred by ambulance to our local er and admit for a 23 hour oberservation.. Can I bill for the er and/ or the 23 oberservation? thanks stacy
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    Refresher Ideas

    Anyone have any ideas where I can get some orthopedic training or a refresher for the orthopedic exam? I have the practicum,but I feel it's not real helpful. I'm looking for any workshops or conferences. thanks Stacy CPC
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    I took the exam in Dec.09 in Pittsburg and again in Jan.10 in Erie. On both exams I got a 68%...

    I took the exam in Dec.09 in Pittsburg and again in Jan.10 in Erie. On both exams I got a 68%. The first test I left the exam room and knew that I did not pass,but the second exam I felt alittle more comfortable. Also I made sure that my goal was to not leave any blank which I did not. I feel I...
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    COSC Exam - CPT and ICD-9

    Hi Kim I have taken the exam twice and have failed twice.This test is very intense.. My examines only had about 3 to 4 E/M coding question. I study for 3months and all I can say it was hard,,,,51 operative reports mix in with e/m coding, but some of the operative reports were three to four...
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    Chantix given pre-opertive

    I have two patients that my doctor prescribed chantix preoperative.. He feels this is something extra and should be billable preoperative. Does anyone have any suggestions?? stacy
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    Biceps sheath debridement

    was this procedure done under arthroscopy or an open procedure?
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    Mary could you give any advise on how to prepare for the Orthopedic Speciality Exam. I have...

    Mary could you give any advise on how to prepare for the Orthopedic Speciality Exam. I have tried twice to pass this exam and failed both times with a 68% on both exam. Do you have any suggestion? thank you,stacy