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    Diabetes and osteomyelitis in icd 10

    How will diabetes with osteomyelitis be coded in icd10? There is a code for diabetes with gangrene-it codes as diabetes with diabetic peripheral angiopathy with gangrene. Will we code it as Diabetes with other specified complication and osteomyelitis or just diabetes and osteomyelitis?????
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    How to code manifestation wjhen the secondary diabetes has resolved

    Pt has diabetic retinopathy due to secondary diabetes which has resolved. How do you code it.
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    Secondary hypertension and hypertensive heart disease

    Pt has hypertension stated as due to renal artery stenosis. He also has hypertensive heart disease. How do you code this?
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    Computing per cent accuracy

    I work for a company where the coders per cent accuracy is calculated. I would be interested in how other companies compute this figure. Do you base it on total 100% correct assessments/ total assessments audited-or do you base it on # of correct codes/total number of codes, or otherwise?
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    peripheral neuropathy of hands and feet

    non diabetes related peripheral neuropathy- If a provider documents peripheral neuropathy of hands and feet, do you code 355.8 and 354.9 or, do you use the combination code 354.5 Mononeuritis multiplex- of does that have to be specifically stated?
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    Alcohol, nicotine, multidrug abuse

    When coding a patient who is abusing alcohol, nicotine, crack cocaine and marijuana do I roll all these into 305.9X, or do I code 305.0x, 305.1, 305.9X? thanks
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    Breast cancer with lymph node involvement

    Is the lymph node involvement considered metastasis?
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    Asthma with emphysema

    We know that asthma, documented with COPD, gets coded as 493.20. When the patient has asthma with emphysema, which is a form of COPD, do we again code 493.20, do we code the 493.20 and 492.8, or do we code the asthma 493.90 and the emphysema 492.8? There is just enough information to really...
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    January Cutting Edge Article Dementia,Alzheimer's, and senility

    I am hoping I haven't been coding Alzheimers incorrectly. Unless the provider has specifically documented Alzheimers Dementia, we code Alzheimer's as 331.0 without the 294.1x dementia code. The ICD 9 directions say to use additional code to identify dementia. The article has us wondering if you...
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    HTn and ckd when tied to other cause

    It is documented this pt has ckd due to hypovolemia during surgery, and also has hypertension. Guidelines state to assign hypertensive chronic kidney disease when conditions from 585 are present with hypertension, but the provider has clearly stated the CKD is because of blood loss, not...
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    hypertension with nephropathy

    Does the word "with" show causation or must it state hypertensive nephropathy in order to use that code?
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    Chest tube at home status code

    A patient was sent home from the hospital with a chest tube in place. Does the opening through which it is placed get status coded as an other artificial opening status?
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    Late effects ruptured brain aneurysm

    Do you use the CVA codes for ruptured aneurysm manifestations?
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    Does pacer placement resolve the condition

    I was recently told that when a pacer is placed for a condition such as atrial fib, you no longer code the Afib, it is if it has resolved. I have always thought of pacers as "pills". If you stop taking the pill, the condition would return you code the condition as current. I think of pacers the...
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    Status code for presence of a portacath

    Is there a status code for the presence of a portacath-nothing was done to it- it is noted that the patient has one for his chemo.
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    When will Official (nondraft) editions be ready

    In order to successfully work through some of the Principles of icd-10-cm coding books, you need a copy of the icd 10 code sets. The ones that I have seen available all say DRAFT. Does anyone know when the OFFICIAL (nondraft) version will become available. If I remember correctly, they will...
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    sinoatrial node dysfunction with PVT

    Is the Paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia a sign/symptom of sinoatrial node dysfunction and therefore you would't code both, or is it a separate, codable condition?
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    HIV Status one more time

    PT has HIVCD4 60 viral load nonexistent no h/o HIV complications but is on meds- do you code 042 or V08?
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    Dx code for disconjugate gaze

    I'm trying to wade my way thru icd 9 index to get to a code for disconjugate gaze failure of the eyes to turn together in the same direction. just googling sends me to the 378.8x series. Any help please. Mj
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    post procedure status code for IVC filter

    Is there a post procedural V code for IVC filter similar to the V45.01 pacemaker V45.51 contraceptive device or V45.85 insulin pump status? I am coding a preventative exam on a patient who had one placed 5 years ago
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    I bill for pain specialist who injects compounded drugs into pain pumps. I have the pharmacy invoices. Do I need to put anything on the cms 1500 to bill the j3490 besides just the code? Are there any remarks that need to be included? I know to bill the DOS w invoice attached.
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    mod 26 and MRIs

    My CEO is stating that since the pains doctors "read" the patients MRI's that the patient brings in I should add the MRI codes with mod 26. I contend that since the MRI center has already billed for the professional component we cant bill it. Any one with any references to this would be greatly...
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    How to code for observation at OV

    Twice now this week we have had the scenario where a pation comes in with an allergic reaction to ......... in both instances the physician drugged them up on solumedrol and benadryl IM and then had the patient observed in the office for over an hour. the physician was not in constant...
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    travel vaccines and medications

    How ould you bill out a patient coming in because they are going to China and need to know which vaccines and any malaria prophylaxis they may need. We have tried billing it out as the ov E&M with a dx code of v65.49 other specified counseling. Also, how would you code the visit if they just...