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    Professional CPC-A looking for PT Remote Position

    remote As a new coder it will be difficult to become a remote coder. You learn so much when you work with other coders. They don't teach you everything in the classes. Most people will not hire a new coder who wants remote. I would ask what the goals are. Is the volume so many charts per...
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    location Put where you are live in your text
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    CPC-A Looking for Part-time or Full-time/Part-time work at office locally or remote

    location Since you are looking for a local job put where you are located in your text. Some people will not open your resume just to find your city
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    CPC looking for work in Rancho Cucamonga ca area

    San Bernardino job I have an opening in San Bernardino for a certified coder for a large MSO. If you are interested let me know and I will give you more details.
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    fresh out of college and ready to take on an entry level medical billing position

    Where do you live? Where do you live. I have openings in California.
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    Medical Coding Job Markets

    Southern California Experienced HCC coder in Southern California are in demand.
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    CPC-A, Honor Grad - Resume feedback, please

    change order I would put the skills section after work experience and education. You most impressive section goes first.
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    Medical coder

    where do you live Where do you live in California? Please send a resume to
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    Need desperate advice please

    Where are you located? Please state where you are located. Someone may reach out to you. Also mention if you hve been doing a lot of reading, attending webinars etc. A lot has happened in the last few years so unless you have kept up you basically will have to start over.
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    CPC Entry Level

    What state are you in?
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    CPC-A seeking coding experience

    Send your resume and email address to
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    Seeking Entry level CPC position

    What state are you in?
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    Resume advice, please. Thank you

    I say a chronological one and list everything. As a hiring manager I always ask if there are holes.
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    Register Nurse /CPC /Educator

    where are you where are you located?
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    Need assistance, all coding jobs require experience

    new coder There are some companies that do take new coders like SynerMed (A MSO in So CA). New coders have to be mentored and that is why there are few companies that will hire them. You may want to see if there volunteer opportunities available.
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    New certified CPC and ICD-10 certified looking for experience

    Listing your location (State) will get you more replies.
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    CPC ICD9 AND ICD 10 PROFICIENT Looking for a Remote Coding Position

    If you list your location (State) you will get more replies.
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    CPC-H - looking for a job

    If you list your location (State) you will get more replies.
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    Listing where you live (State) will get you more replies.
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    resume Do you have a resume you can send me? I have an opening in San Diego.
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    New Certified Coder

    Where are you? You have to list your city and state. I have an open position in southern California.
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    new coder

    where are you You don't state your city and state. By listing this you will get more of a response. I hae an open position in southern California. Send me your resume if this is where you live.
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    HCC Coder

    not remote This position is not remote. We go to our doctor's office and do chart reviews and education so there is a lot of local travel.
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    Additional skills needed to be a Coder

    I hire coders and they need to have good skills with Microsoft Office Excel and Word. They need to look professional. They need to write and speak the English language correctly. They must have energy and wow me with their questions and insight into the coding world. AND YES I do hire coders...
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    Experience Required

    I will hire newbies I will occasionally hire new coders if I see potential. They do have to pass my coding test, present themselves as a professional buisness person and be able to do local travel. I have a postion open for a risk adjustment coder in Monterey Park, California. Send you...
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    HCC Coder

    I have an open position for a certified coder for Risk Adjustment (HCC) in the Monterey Park California area. Send your resume to
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    Entry Level biller, Coder

    where are you? Listing your state and area will help you get more responses. I have an open position in southern California. If that is where you live email me your resume.
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    CPC-A certified coder looking for first employment

    where are you You will get better response if you list your state and area.
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    CPC looking for out of state position

    move to the west Do you know where in the west you want to move? Southern California is pretty expensive to live. If you have a firend or relative I suggest you move near them or stay with them for a while. I do have an open position for a HCC Coder if you are interested. Send me your...
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    Wiki Anxiety and Depression

    HCC coding Your friend is probably referring to Medicare HMO reimbursement. In the HCC system depression and anxiety are not in the model. They are not paid an additional amount. Major depressive disorder is in the model so we are encouraging providers to document MDD or major depression if...
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    Coding Student Extern

    Upmc First UPMC doesn't mean anything to anyone outside of your area. Using the whole name would help. Secondly you are listing the city or state where you live. Adding this information should get you more responses.
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    Looking for a coding job and/or some opportunities to gain some experience

    where are you? If you post your city and state people in the area may be interested. Are you in Southern California?
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    seeking job in billing/coding

    where do you live Where you are seeking employment is an important thing to include in your ad. Are you in southern California?
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    Resume for Medical Coder Position!!

    #1 list your city and state on the front page. There is also no attachment of your resume.
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    Medical Coder

    post your resume and where you live.
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    CPC-A looking for a position

    how to become coder Here are a few tips to become a coder 1. Volunteer your time in a medical group or hospital to get experience 2. Get any job you can in the medical field to get your foot in the door 3. Go to AAPC meetings to network You should also realize that you will take a pay-cut to...
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    Seeking Entry Level Position

    still looking? Are you still looking for a job? Do you have a resume?
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    Medical Coder/Biller

    location Where do you live?
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    CPC needs work

    What state do you live in? If you put this in your request you will get more action!
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    Experienced Coder with HEDIS experience

    What state do you live in? I have a postition in Southern California.
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    AAPC Certified Professional Coder

    What state are you in? I have a coding job in the Inland Empire in California.
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    Certified professional and cardiology coder

    no resume attached
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    CPC looking for at home position

    You might consider The Coding Source which is now Altegra Health they are a consulting company and I know several people who do remote coding with them. I believe you do have to go to a 2 week training course first in Southern Califonia.
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    What state do you want to work in?
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    Please give me your resume. I have a coder job open in Chula Vista.
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    CPC Looking for Remote Physician or HCC Coding Position

    I have 2 HCC coding jobs open. On in San Diego California and one in San Bernardino in California. Let me know if you are interested.
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    What state do you want to work in?
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    CPC Remote Radiology

    What state? What state do you want a job in?