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    Exparel billing

    I billed it out with a 490 rev code ( Medicare did pay) but now looking maybe it should be 250 pharmacy found this What Is The Difference Between Revenue codes 250 And 253 When … Revenue code 253 is to be used when dispensing drugs the patient is taking home Revenue code 250 is to be used...
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    Help Please fx patellar what do you think

    Thanks for your respones so think its the 27566??
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    Help Please fx patellar what do you think

    A midlline incision was made. the patella fx was identified the hematoma was curetted and irrigated free. It was in serveral pieces with comminuted section on the midortion I then aligned the dorsal articular surface used two bone holding forceps medial and lateral and then reduced the...
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    Help !! Implant Billing

    What do you do? Doc used a 16mm screw but it was to big he took it out and then put in a 14mm screw so do you bill for both screws or just the one that was left in the pt?? If anyone has any good website or any kind of info for this would be great any thing I can print to give to the boss.
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    What is the correct order for modifiers

    What is the correct way to bill modifiers If you are using mod RT and 59 (on the same line) which goes first does it make a difference???
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    How many op-notes do you code in a day?

    I would like to know from anybody and everybody how many op notes can you code and get though in a day???