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    can you code Hepatits B as chronic from the PMH

    I am a risk adjustment coder and am presently auditing the chart reviews of one of our vendors. Hepatitis B is in the current diagnosis list and consistently being mentioned in the note so I have no problem with Hep B being coded as B19.10, they are stating that since Hepatitis B is also listed...
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    ICD 10 for indwelling Foley catheter

    Can someone please tell me the proper ICD 10 code to use for the presence of an Indwelling foley catheter? I can't seem to find anything appropriate. Thank you
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    How to code HASHD

    We have a doctor that continually documents HASHD (hypertensive arteriosclerotic heart disease). I can find hypertensive Heart disease and arteriosclerotic heart disease but nothing that would capture the whole diagnosis. Anyone have any ideas as to how to code this?
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    Can you list 12 diagnosis and only 1 CPT

    I am wondering if you can put 12 diagnoses in line 21 when you are only using one CPT code pointing to four of these diagnoses. If a patient sees the provider and has acute and chronic diagnoses that need reporting, for risk adjustment purposes, but only one CPT is required for the visit, is...