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  1. TheStephCode

    CIMC and CRHC

    To those with a specialty credential in Rheumatology/CRHC,.... It is my understanding that Rheumatology is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine. If you have a Rheumatology/CRHC credential, would you advise to first get the Internal Medicine/CIMC,... or just go for it and do the...
  2. TheStephCode

    CDEO Study Guide

    Have any of you recently inquired about this study guide and gotten an update? Last I heard it was to be available mid March but I don't see it yet.
  3. TheStephCode

    Any Updates on CDEO Study Manual?

    Have any of you gotten an update from AAPC on when these manuals will be available and/or if they are still expecting them this month?
  4. TheStephCode

    UHC Unbundling EKGs (93000)

    I would like to know if anyone else has encountered this situation and if so, how are you handling it? When we bill 93000 to UHC, they unbundle it and return a payment for 93005 and 93010. We bill thousands of EKGs per month btw. They state it is a Medicare policy that they are adjusting...
  5. TheStephCode

    Open vs minimally invasive

    I'm looking for sound definition of an open vs minimally invasive procedure. I know certain types of surgery such as the laparoscope and robotic devices indicate minimally invasive, but in the absence of modern devices,... say, the surgeon just uses a scalpel to access, for instance,.... how is...
  6. TheStephCode

    Consultation Report When Providers are Internal

    I work for a large physician group. All providers use the same EMR so when a consult occurs between two of our providers there is no need to physically forward a report since the referring has access to it. (1) What does our specialist need to document to satisfy the third 'R' for billing...
  7. TheStephCode

    Documenting HPI

    We shall beat this dead horse once again. Does anyone have a source from any commercial payer(s) that specifically states a provider must document the HPI, or that the commercial payer follows Medicare guidelines? Our MAC is very clear on the matter but our providers want to see it "in...
  8. TheStephCode

    Palliative Care Coding Education?

    Can someone please recommend a sound source to learn all the basics of palliative care coding? I've read the CMS manual but still have A LOT of coding questions. Any guidance to a sound source of education would be much appreciated. I would prefer reading material but I am also open to a...
  9. TheStephCode

    Why can't hyperlipidemia and prediabetes be coded together?

    Does anyone have a technical explanation or even a guesstimate as to why ICD-10-CM guidelines prohibit hyperlipidemia (E78.5) and prediabetes (R73.09) to be coded together? Abnormal findings on exam of blood, without diagnosis (R70-R79) EXCLUDES1 lipids (E78.-) Our physicians are...