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    Medial Branch Blocks--HELP

    Kathy, I would use CPT codes 64493 & 64494.
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    64483-77003 and 72275 troubles

    Flouro guidance is included in 64483.
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    Hand surgery question

    If the digit contained soft tissue only then yes, use 11200; if it contained soft tissue and bone I would use 26587.
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    How to code for this procedure?? HELP

    It sounds like an open distal clavicle excision 23130, and an arthroscopic DCE 29826.
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    Radiofrequency Ablation(RFA)

    Yes, the codes are 64633-64636 for spine.
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    cpc exam - doing pretty good

    Pay careful attention to the questions, they can give you clues to help select the correct answer. Such as if the question mentions that patient X is a patient of Dr. A but for some reason has to see Dr. B on this visit, then you know the patient is established and you can exclude any new...
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    Excision of Gouty Tophi-Elbow

    If the joint capsule is not opened (incised) it's not an arthrotomy; coding this will depend on the approach.
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    Extreme rookie at spine coding

    I agree that more info is needed but from what you posted it appears to be a decompression for stenosis which would be 63047 & 63048.
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    Core decompression

    That would depend on the description of the procedure; was it for the hip or knee? Can you post a portion of the note?
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    Arthroscopy with subcromial decompression

    I agree with kc-george, 29827 was not performed and shouldn't be billed; the patient had a subacromial decompression and since 29826 is an add-on code for 2012 I believe the recommendation is to bill an unlisted procedure code.
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    Need help coding a procedure

    Review CPT 64626, this may fit your needs.
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    modifier for procedure after surgery?

    I would say modiifer 78 if he was returned to the OR for this; since it was not planned or staged for the patient to develop an effusion I would not use modifier 58.
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    Medial cruciate ligament repair

    Was the repair open or arthroscopic?
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    Chevron Type Bunionettectomies

    I am by no means an expert on feet (I hate coding for it) but maybe take a look at 28296.
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    IP Fusion of the Left Great Toe - CPT 28285?

    Take a look at CPT code 28755, this code is for an IP joint arthrodesis, the op note appears to describe this procedure.
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    Short op-nte

    29876 can be used with a modiifer to bypass the CCI edits (it bundles to 29880) and you'll need to check with your carrier as regards to using G0289 (Medicare preference) instead of 29877.
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    Short op-nte

    I would use 29880, 29879 & G0289.
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    Help with coding

    No, you cannot code for 26861 with coding 26860. If you need an addt'l joint code for 26862 you should use 26863.
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    Billing Medicare in a global period

    I agree, if the ORIF was planned it should be billed with a modifier 58.
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    Use of 11981

    Our ortho docs only use 11981 for drug delivery beads, not antibiotic cement. That is usually billed by the facility, not the physician.
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    Did the patient have stenosis? If so you can use 63047, 63048. If there was no stenosis, I'd use 63030, 63035.
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    Spinal fusion

    Look at CPT code 22551; you will also need to code for the instrumentation such as CPT code 22845.
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    Takken the CPC exam? How many passed the 1st try?

    I took my test on 11/20/10 and passed on my first try!!
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    CPC exam - I failed....

    I just took mine for the first time and passed with an 84. I would definitely recommend going to the sections you feel most confident in and answer those questions first. Make sure you review the coding guidelines in the beginning of your ICD9 book and familiarize yourself with Pathology &...
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    CPC Exam Scores - Does anyone know what percentage is needed

    I took my exam for the first time on November 20th and passed. The best suggestions I can offer is to familiarize yourself with the coding guidelines in your ICD9 book and be adept at moving through your CPT book. Also use the clues given to eliminate wrong answers, if the patient presented at...
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    Help needs codes for injection on shoulder

    20550 is for injection of a tendon sheath 20610 is for a joint injection
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    26055 & 26121 or 26123???

    Can you post the op report?
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    New to Ortho, need help

    27829 is correct
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    Dx nerve injury

    Look at 954.8 and see if it can work for you; definition injury to other specified nerves of trunk
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    Iliotibial band release

    Iliotibial band release is a fasciotomy, see CPT code 27305. The physician incises the iliotibial tract, fascia lata, and intramuscular septum transversely above the patella.
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    Billing Question in regards to the Percutaneous Stimulator

    Typically when our practice and/or facility bills for spinal stimulator trials we bill for 63650 only.