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    knee help needed

    Would 29881-59 & 27331 be appropriate? INDICATIONS FOR PROCEDURE: The patient is a 23 year old female who has been having some right knee pain for the past several months. An MRI did not reveal any significant intraarticular damage; however, she had persistent in an area over the lateral aspect...
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    CPC, COSC...what's next? :)

    I'm looking at adding to my certifications and am trying to decide if I want to pursue the CPCO or the CPMA credential Which do you think will open more doors? I believe the salary study showed that compliance pays better… What are your thoughts?
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    resident as second assist

    I have a physician who did spine surgery with his PA as his first assistant. He had a resident as a second assistant. The surgeon dictated this information. For billing purposes would we just bill the PA with the AS modifier as if they were the only assistant? Thanks!
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    shoulder coding

    I have a claim with a denial for 29823 (debridement) to 29824 per CCI. My understanding is that if the procedure is performed in another region (glenohumeral vs AC) it is billable. My confusion comes in when there's debridement performed in all 3 regions. Can I bill for the region that doesn't...
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    post op question

    I'm drawing a blank on this one and any help would be greatly appreciated. If a patient is seen during the post op period and has an exacerbation of the problem we can bill for the E/M correct? And if so, is it modifier 24?
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    64490 debate - your thoughts?

    We have a debate going on in our office in regards to code 64490. When a physician performs a medial nerve branch block he has to inject the medial nerve above and below the facet joint he's wanting to affect. The debate comes into play when we're deciding how many levels to code. For...
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    COSC exam - I'm preparing for the COSC exam

    I'm preparing for the COSC exam. Any suggestions? I've taken the AAPC course and was wondering if there's anything else I should do from people who have taken it already. Thanks!
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    clarification needed on 73721

    73721 - Magnetic resonance (eg, proton) imaging, any joint of lower extremity; without contrast material I have an MRI that was done as a "limited right lower extremity w/o contrast. They evaluated the knee, hip and ankle. Would 73721 be used with 3 units (for each joint evaluated) or does...
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    How do you code a stress Xray? - Can some clarify this for me

    Can some clarify this for me? My doc did a stress xray on the knee (2 views). Do I bill 73560 & 77071 or just 77071? 73560: Radiologic examination, knee; 1 or 2 views 77071: Manual application of stress performed by physician for joint radiography, including contralateral joint if indicated...
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    20931 twice

    I have a doc who is wanting to bill multiple units of 20931 because he is individually measuring and shaping the allografts for each level, not using precut grafts. I know that 20931 can only be billed once per session and I believe that the shaping is also included in the code. Can anyone...
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    24 AND 79 together??????

    I have a surgeon who did a surgery on the left shoulder. The patient came back in for a post op visit with complaints with the right shoulder and the dr did an injection in the right shoulder. Can we bill: 99024 99213-24-25 20610-79-RT J3301 ???? I wasn't sure if the 24 covers the post op...
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    2 e/m, 2 dr, 2 spec, same dx?????

    We're a multi specialty practice and we had a patient see 2 doctors of different specialties on the same day. Both billed a 99213. The Orthopedic surgeron billed with dxs 721.0 & 723.4 and the Physical Medicine doc billed dx 722.81 & 721.0. So they saw the pt for the same issue in the same...
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    HELP! ? about EncoderPro

    I'm using a free tiral of Expert and was wondering about the ICD9 cross codes. Does this mean if your DX isn't listed you can't use the CPT code? Is it reliable? The dr is trying to use 29999 but I'm trying to find a code that fits and I thought I found one, but the dx's listed...
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    ankle surgery - You're probably starting to get used

    You're probably starting to get used to seeing my name in here :) I've just stated coding with a Ortho/Neuro group and am trying to keep my head above water. Can anyone review this op report and tell me if I'm missing anything? DX: Left ankle instability & left ankle impingement syndrome with...
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    Injections and MedBen

    Has anyone else had problems getting payments for injections from MedBen? We're not getting paid for the medicines. We billed: 64483 77003 J0702 X 4 DENIED INCLUSIVE Q9966 X 3 DENIED INCLUSIVE S0020 - 2cc DENIED INCLUSIVE Any suggestions on how to get payment for these? Thanks!!!! Kathy
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    Coding help needed - coding for a Ortho

    I've just started coding for a Ortho doc and was wondering if I could get some advice. He previously billed for a spine surgery and now he's wanting me to work on the denials. Procedures: 1. Laminectomy decompression, L2-3 2. Posterior spinal fusion with Aesculap fixation L2-3, L3-4, L4-5 and...
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    E/M with Prev Counseling?

    Can you bill an E/M code with a Preventative Counseling (99401-99404)? The description states that "services may be reported separately when performed". The doctor I bill for does a lot of wellness/preventative counseling and wanted to know if she covers these areas, can she bill this along...