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    Novitas Solutions 1995 Documentation Worksheet

    For those who have not noticed and have Novitas Solutions, Inc. and your contracted Medicare Carrier. They have updated the 1995 Documentation Worksheet, Here are the changes I noticed to the form other than the name on page 1 1. Section 1 History • Removed consultations from the...
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    WPS - Status of 3 Chronic Condition changing standing

    Just sent in an eMews from WPS WPS Medicare Part B Legacy and MAC eNews for Thursday, March 22, 2012 ******************************************************************** Status of Three Chronic or Inactive Conditions in the History of Present Illness (HPI) Effective for dates of service April...
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    CPT Codes relating to DRGs

    I realize that DRGs are diagnosis driven. However, I am trying to find a listing of CPT codes the may correspond to some specific CV DRGs. Does anyone know of any such listings? Thanks Cheryl