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    Annual exam & cervical polyp

    regarding my last post I was thinking about this and I re-read the code descriptor for the code I originally suggested, 57500. It does not matter if a biopsy was sent. The code states "biopsy of cervix, single or multiple, or local excision of lesion, with or without fulguration". There also...
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    Prolonged inpatient stay with delivery

    bill hospital visits I agree with Roxanne. You would bill each separate in-patient visit with the diagnosis of threatened pre-term labor (and whatever else) and then bill the delivery on the delivery date. The day or two spent in the hospital AFTER the delivery would be included in the global.
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    Pap Smear-aspect of coding

    it depends It depends on your contract with the lab and the insurance plan. If you are set up so that the lab bills and is paid by the ins co, you would bill only for the physician's services of collecting the pap. If the plan is set up so that the lab bills you and you pay the lab, you...
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    Global OB Care

    modifiers We use the -24 modifier for post-C-section patients when they are seen for something unrelated but that is about it. For unrelated visits in the prenatal period, we just bill the E/M code and make sure it is not associated with the global OB claim.
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    We've had this come up before at our office. I'm really surprised there's not a separate code. We use 646.83 (other specified complications of pregnancy) followed by 709.8 (other specified disorders of skin).
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    Annual exam & cervical polyp

    a good point A good point by heathergirl. What code would you use if not sent for bx? The only other possibility I was able to come up with would be to use the 11440 series of codes. I couldn't find anything relating to different methods of removal (only found different methods for...
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    Ob Delivery And Care

    another option I would lean toward 59409 (vag delivery only) plus 59425 or 59426 depending on how many antepartum visits she had.
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    modifier help

    Did you review Appendix A of your CPT book? Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but a lot of people forget it's there.;)
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    Billing a 99211 with a 36415

    99213 & 36415 If it is only a blood draw, you cannot bill the 99211 in addition. Professional services provided by the clinical staff are figured into the draw fee. If something medically necessary were done in addition to the blood draw (such as a blood pressure check or weight monitoring)...
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    Foreign Body Removal

    FB removal I believe for simple removals like these, you will have to use E/M codes.
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    Annual exam & cervical polyp

    px w/polyp Use the appropriate preventive visit code with a modifier -25 appended and the V72.31 diagnosis followed by 57500 (local excision of cervical lesion) with 622.7 polyp of cvx.
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    Help - salpingo oophorectomy

    To code correctly, you need to know why they are doing exploration and what the findings were that led to the removal of the ovaries and tubes. 59120 is for treatment of ectopic pregnancy so unless ectopic pregnancy is the diagnosis, it is probably not the code you are looking for. Look at...
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    Medicare Patients

    medicare modifiers We have always used the -GA on both the G and Q codes when an ABN has been obtained. You should also append a -25 to the preventive or E/M if a visit is also being billed.
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    U/A with prenatal care

    global I agree with Pahtrisha - per CPT OB section instructions, it is included in the global. Even if you billed it w/ a diagnosis, ins cos. would deny it.
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    No Coding Jobs for inexperienced Coders

    something will come along I live in the Chicago area and the adds I see also want experience. The way I see it, you've got a few options. You could apply for jobs that are looking for experience and tell the interviewer about your education history and how well you did in school and on your...
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    Chief Complaint "H/O DM2"

    it depends.... What was the focus of the visit? Was the patient there to discuss their hx of DM and discuss on-going care? If so, you would choose an E/M code based on the level of hx, exam and decision making. If the patient was there for routine screenings and an overall check-up but...
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    hx of herpes in pregnant woman

    herpes codes I would use the 647.63 and 054.10 even without an active outbreak. She still has the disease and it intrinsically affects the management of her pregnancy. Carrier would not be appropriate. A carrier has the ability to pass on a disease genetically but does not show symptoms of...
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    Pessary Fitting & Insertion to Medicare

    perhaps a low-level E/M A low-level E/M (99212) with the same dx used at the original fitting would probably accurately reflect a visit like this. Review the documentation to verify appropriateness of level. If pt was re-fitted, I would think you could bill the fitting code with a repeat...
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    Annual Exam for Medicare Patient's

    Medicare pxs If your docs are performing a comprehensive history and exam in addition to the breast and pelvic and the patient is not there to address complaints, I would say by all means, you should be billing a preventive visit. Keep in mind that Medicare will not pay for this visit and you...
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    2nd opinion for coding scenerio

    other possible ICD-9 codes Without the op reports it is hard to say for sure. Based on what you wrote, I agree with your procedural coding but came to a different conclusion with the diagnoses. For the hysterectomy, the primary reason it was done was not the miscarriage, it was the...
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    New to OB/GYN

    colpo codes There are a few different codes for colposcopies depending on what area was examined and whether or not a biopsy was done with it. Read the procedure note and look at codes 57420, 57421, 57452 and 57454. For the diagnosis, look at the pathology report from the pap to find out what...
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    Dx code for annual physical

    V72.31 is the best code to use. If no gyne exam is performed, use V70.0.
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    ACOG preventive visit guidelines

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the ACOG preventive visit guidelines? Only ACOG members can access them through their site. I am not a member and my doctors are not being helpful. Thanks!
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    coding a maternal fall

    Use maternal trauma and E code We have always coded these as 648.93 (found in index under pregnancy, complicated by trauma) followed by an E code to identify the accident. In this case you would use E885.9 (found in E code index under slipping on ice with official descriptor of "Fall from...