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  1. Ajesh Kuriakose

    primary dx

    well since there is a surgical complication, complication is coded pdx and already diagnosis says stenosis is secondary to complication. :confused: usually complications given as pdx.
  2. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Modified Haley Procedure

    I think they may have meant Hanley procedure :/
  3. Ajesh Kuriakose


    I think you may need to specify the finger hcpcs modifier(F1-FA).
  4. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Modifiers - 26 and -90

    :rolleyes: this may help you. It has an example for modifier 90, which will be helpful.
  5. Ajesh Kuriakose


    Direct current cardioversion is used in treatment of afib
  6. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Metadiaphysis Fracture

    If proximal metadiaphysis is given you can take it as proximal part of shaft, proximal is just used to denote which end metadiaphysis is broken. Metadiaphysis is the joining area of metaphysis and diaphysis region which occur at shaft.
  7. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Burn treatment and splint

    may be this could help you
  8. Ajesh Kuriakose

    How to code chronic condition in surgery

    Usually its based on the relevance of chronic condition, like if came for a fracture treatment and patient has some cardiology condition chronic that doesn't need treatment you wouldn't code it unless it becomes a complication for the condition or its related to it. More than that its upto your...
  9. Ajesh Kuriakose

    URGENT Help !!!!!!!!!!FLUAD vaccine
  10. Ajesh Kuriakose

    How to bill auto injectors

    96372 is used as administration code and use a HCPCS code for medicine.
  11. Ajesh Kuriakose

    URGENT Help !!!!!!!!!!FLUAD vaccine

    FLUAD (Influenza Vaccine, Adjuvanted) 90653. In subunit vaccine part of disease causing organism is used inactivated, like use of viral protein coats inactivated by recombinant techniques.
  12. Ajesh Kuriakose

    removal of sutures

    Since the encounter is for ulcer treatment you have to code L89.323 (pressure ulcer, left buttock) chronic conditions Z87.2 (personal hx of diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue) You cannot give the encounter code unless the sole purpose of visit is for suture removal.
  13. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Coding carpal tunnel syndrome without EMG

    We can code what the provider says, even if it lacks some tests if the provider specifies it is CTS you will have to code it. As long as the provider documents it as CTS you can code it.
  14. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Wiki ICD-10 code for Asymptomatic PAD

    Code directly leads to the code I73.9, I don't think there would be another code usable. :confused: may be I73.89.
  15. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Bilateral Diagnosis

    For a bilateral diagnosis if there is a code specific for bilateral, code it; if not, code both diagnosis. Even if the treatment is different for both side(for different treatment you code cpt code with modifier for laterality). eg: H91.93 for hearing loss bilateral even if both ear has...
  16. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Repair coding help

    :) wc
  17. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Repair coding help

    right flank is part of trunk and for groin its external genitalia both are at 2 classes. 12035 and 12042. If both are in same classification you can add them. (exception where you cant add them together is excision and destruction)
  18. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Suicide Attempt v History of Suicide Attempt

    Since he is currently under active treatment for that condition he would be given SA code and its history is coded only after that condition is completely cured and after a while returns to hospital with another condition that may have a relation with previous suicide attempt. :confused: this is...
  19. Ajesh Kuriakose

    monofilament testing/exam

    2028F category 2 code.
  20. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Sacrum Ulcer ICD 10

    If the word pressure ulcer is used anywhere you have a specific code, or else give other specified L98.49
  21. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Hernia repair with mesh This can help you
  22. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Acceptable primary px codes to use with add-on 37186

    Secondary thrombectomy may be necessary, before definitive therapy of a lesion, if there is fresh thrombus complicating a stenosis (to prevent distal embolization during the definitive therapy such as PTA or stent) and after an intervention, if there is a distal embolus complicating a definitive...
  23. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Wiki "Environmental Allergies"

    I haven't coded this before, but shouldn't you be giving an NEC code T78.49XA
  24. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Concurrent Infusion scenario help

    96367 is reportable with 96409. Concurrent infusion is only given when both drug given at same time have a single access site.
  25. Ajesh Kuriakose

    ICD 10 Code

    Pilonidal inus isn't site specific code, so I would have to code that. If it had turned to a fistula, I could give a site specific code.
  26. Ajesh Kuriakose

    IV meds

    concurrent infusion must run through same access site at same time, if 2 medicines given through 2 different accesss site at same time, then 2 initial infusion codes are given with appropriate modifier.
  27. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Clarification Concurrent IV Infusions

    The concurrent infusion as one in which two drugs are simultaneously infused or multiple infusions are provided through the same intravenous line. If infusion are done through 2 different access site it will be coded as 2 initial infusion.
  28. Ajesh Kuriakose

    ICD 10 Code

    If abscess isn't specified give L05.92, with abscess give L05.02.
  29. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Wiki Coding removal and transplant status codes.

    Transplant can't be done without removing the existing one or unless there is an absence of the kidney... So only you needed to code Transplant status code only, it means there was an absence of that organ.
  30. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Benign Lichenoid Keratosis

    You will have to code Lichen Planus.
  31. Ajesh Kuriakose

    ICD 10 N60.19 - claim denial

    That is a payer edit. Use this link and search mastopathy You will need to give other specified disease of breast.
  32. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Bullous Pemphigus

    L12.0 for ICD 10 CM. .
  33. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Laterality codes

    If the MRI is only done for left knee you will have to give LT laterality, in this case you will give unspecified if the MRI was done on both knees and physician didn't specified which knee had condition.
  34. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Status post colectomy doubt

    what is the condition he is being treated for, you will have to code that since its another surgery itself. If it was just a wound healing or came for checking healing phase you can use Z43.3
  35. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Wiki Nausea and vomiting due to antineoplastic therapy - ICD-10 Code for Nausea vomiting

    I don't think you need to code T88.7XXA since the condition isn't unspecified, its given as nausea and vomiting. Since its adverse effect you will have to give the nature of adverse effect as pdx.
  36. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Status post colectomy doubt

    Usually I would have only coded PDx without status code.
  37. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Anemia and Diverticulitis

    Then i don't think it needs any further question, just code as Mitchellde said.
  38. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Pacemaker Electrode Lead Replacement - help with Procedure Codes

    Only information I have is with insertion code you can't use a removal code, it's only used with replacement codes.
  39. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Pacemaker Electrode Lead Replacement - help with Procedure Codes

    I couldn't find code for replacement or removal of epicardial electrode, so insertion of epicardial electrode must have removal of any existing electrode as well.
  40. Ajesh Kuriakose

    99401 preventive medicine counseling

    Then it should be Z71.3 with BMI, if any associated condition code it too.
  41. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Anemia and Diverticulitis

    Does the abscess had any bleeding stated anywhere or any abdominal pain while admitiing?
  42. Ajesh Kuriakose

    99401 preventive medicine counseling

    Since the weight check is for a kid you can give Z00.129 (if no abnormal finding) Was there some counseling too, or just a weight check? Is there some diagnosis also?
  43. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Esophagogastroduodenoscopy with wide area transepithelial sample biopsy

    Thanks coding chick, you are right, I just misinterpreted the term transepithelial.
  44. Ajesh Kuriakose

    need help coding arthroplasty

    It's lateral retinacular release, there is no word as retinaculectomy, in the procedure lateral ligaments holding patella out of alignment is released, detaching patella from soft tissues.
  45. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Pacemaker Electrode Lead Replacement - help with Procedure Codes

    For a replacement you need to code removal of electrode first before insertion of electrode, that's what I have learned.
  46. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Wiki Morbid Obesity with Alveolar Hypoventilation

    Yes it is coded as E66.2
  47. Ajesh Kuriakose

    RT and LT
  48. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Adjacent tissue transfer denial from Medicare

    This link may help Hope this may help somehow.
  49. Ajesh Kuriakose

    coding hypothyroidsim with goiter

    Hypothyroidism with goiter code is E03.0, if a relation is not specified you can code both since no exclude note is given
  50. Ajesh Kuriakose

    Repair of left ventricular aneurysm

    insertion of a patch is 33548