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    Question Preventive visit with office visit

    Unfortunately, i do not remember where i read it. That is one reason that i am getting AAPC's view on it. I just need to educate my providers on the correct way to handle these in the future. I would really appreciate some input. Do we code to the chief complaint (in this case a physical)...
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    Question Preventive visit with office visit

    I apologize but i am getting conflicting information. I read in one place " During a complete physical or annual exam, time is spent managing ongoing conditions and medications, addressing new concerns, and reviewing risk factors. A longer appointment time allows for necessary vaccines...
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    99211 or 98960 for diabetes education by RN

    Ok... Let me see if i have this straight. I am trying to file BCBS of SC with a 98961 for group diabetic education. It denies as not separately payable. So instead, use a 99211? Is that correct? What kind of documentation would be required? I am aware that the code doesn't have specific...
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    99214 and 94640 unbundled documentation

    No reply on this yet. I don't see any replies to this issue. Is anyone available to help?
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    Medicaid EOB

    Prov adj code1 & fcn/other identifier : Cs My remit says " PROV ADJ CODE1 & FCN/OTHER IDENTIFIER : CS:8739588 AMT : -256.00 ". I already know that is a $256 payment. My question is: what does the 8739588 mean? How do i know where the money should go. For example, is it an incentive pmt...
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    Substance Abuse Counseling

    Can we get an answer on this? I would like to know the answer to this also but i don't see any replies to this thread.
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    99214 and 94640 unbundled documentation

    It seems absolutely silly that the bundled payment only covers the minimally priced 94640 instead of including the 94640 in the 99214. Even so, what sort of documentation should be present to support the unbundling of the exam? Are they saying that the office visit has to be for more than the...