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    Question EKG and Cath

    Does anyone know what dx codes you would use on the EKG on a op cath day? Thanks!!!
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    Question Cath modifier

    Thank you
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    Question Cath modifier

    Our cardiologist did a atherectomy on his patient but the procedure was assisted by another cardiologist within the same group. I am unclear as to what modifier to attach to this claim. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Question Normal saline injection

    Can you bill out for normal saline injection for a nuclear stress test? If the tech is just flushing the med or checking the IV during a persantine I would think it is not billable but I can not find any information on it. Thank you!!!!
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    Question Denial regarding add on code

    I billed out a stent and IVUS Codes: 92928-RC, 93454-26,59 92978-26,RC (IVUS) Plus blue is denying whole claim stating that add on code cannot be billed by itself. Does anyone know if I should be adding a 59 to IVUS? If so, would it be 92978 - 26,59,RC Thanks
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    Question MI vs Old MI

    Pt had a MI 7/15 and is in for cath site check. A MI code was used for this site check. Should it had been coded I25.10 with old MI code? Not sure as it has only been 7 days since the MI. Thank you
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    Modifier 62 denial

    Modifier denial Thank you so much. That information helps. I will get on the Medicare website!!!!!
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    Modifier 62 denial

    Hi, I code for a cardiologist who also does peripheral vascular procedures. This physician also works with a vascular surgeon from another group on some of these procedures together. I am amending a 62 modifier to the primary code however I am getting denials on that code/modifier combination...
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    Renal Artery stenting

    Thank you
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    Bilateral carotid angio

    Thank you
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    Renal Artery stenting

    Hello, Our doctor did a AAA repair and a right renal artery PTA and stenting. I used codes 34705, 34713 and 37236. I am getting a rejection back on 37236. Is there another code I should be using? Thanks
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    Bilateral carotid angio

    Can anyone please help with coding carotid. Thanks!!!!! · Procedure Details Patient is a 65-year-old male with recent heart failure reduced ejection fraction was found to have right carotid stenosis. Patient was brought for carotid and cerebral angiography to assess for possible carotid...
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    Help with Peripheral

    Thank you!!!!!
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    Help with Peripheral

    If anyone can take a look at this please. I am new to peripherals and am currently trying to learn how to code them so I am questioning the one's I do. Thanks for the help!!!! Intraoperatively, through a right femoral approach were able to cross all lesions involving the left SFA and popliteal...
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    Help with Peripheral

    peripheral help please I appreciate the help!!!! Here is what I have. I would like to learn more on coding lowers. Can you suggest anything as to how I can go about learning more for coding? Thanks!!!!! · Intraoperative Findings: Intraoperatively we performed a diagnostic aortogram and...
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    Help with Peripheral

    I appreciate the help!!!! Here is what I have. I would like to learn more on coding lowers. Can you suggest anything as to how I can go about learning more for coding? Thanks!!!!! · Intraoperative Findings: Intraoperatively we performed a diagnostic aortogram and bilateral lower extremity...
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    Help with Peripheral

    Need help coding out this peripheral please. New to lowers. Thank's 1. Left common femoral arterial access with sheath placement 2. Right pedal access with sheath placement 3. Catheter placement abdominal aorta 4. Selective catheterization third order arterial branch leg 5. Arteriogram...
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    Medicare and coding coronary same branch modifiers

    If I remember correctly, Medicare does not pay a branch of the same vessel. For ex. stent to the mid RC and stent to the posterior descending. The patient has Medicare primary and AARP secondary. Is there a specific modifier that needs to be applied to the second stent? Thank you
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    Thank you. :o
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    The patient went into the hospital for paroxysmal atrial tachycardia. I believe the EKG's were a routine order when she went in and there are no signs or symptoms. She is now NSR but I can not find a code for a normal EKG and my Dr. wants me to bill it anyway. Thanks for the help
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    Hello, I have to bill normal EKG's that are done in the hospital even if they do not get paid. Does anyone know of a ICD 10 code for a normal EKG?
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    Abdominal aortic run-off with bilateral lower extremity angiography

    Our physician did a Abdominal aortic run off with bilateral lower extremity angiography I have codes 75630 and 36200. Does anyone know if I am missing another code and modifiers? I do not code these procedures. Thanks
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    Need Carotid help please

    Hello, New to doing Carotid coding. Need help on codes please. Our physician did: Left upper extremity angiography Left common carotid angiography Left subclavian artery PTA and stent The patient was brought to the cardiac catheterization lab where he was prepped and draped in the usual...
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    Carotid Help PLEASE!!!

    Hello, New to doing Carotid coding. Need help on codes please. Our physician did: Left upper extremity angiography Left common carotid angiography Left subclavian artery PTA and stent The patient was brought to the cardiac catheterization lab where he was prepped and draped in the usual...
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    Cath with Peripheral

    I have a patient that went in for RHC regarding aortic stenosis. It was a right common fem approach but unable to get through the common iliac due to heavy calcification and a balloon angioplasty was done. After the cath, the Dr. did a abdominal angiograph with runoff and found the patient had...
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    Coding Cardiothoracic help

    Need help coding Cardiothoracic. New to this area!!! I code caths, EP, etc... but will be soon coding Cardiothoracic. Can anyone please direct me to obtaining some information on coding this area of cardiac please. Any help would be appreciated!!!! Thank You
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    Help with hysterectomy

    I am in need of some help finding a code for a hysterectomy (vaginal) with a anteroposterior colporrhaphy. I am not sure if this is one or two codes and if so, is there a modifer? Thank You
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    Defiibrillator revision help

    I have a patient that the physician did a gen change for ERI and also a lead revision. I coded 33249 33241-59 33244-59 Can anyone tell me if this would be the correct coding please. I appreciate it. Thanks for looking.
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    Coding a MI

    I am in need of help with coding MI's. I know that you would code a 92941 for a acute STEMI, however what is the code for a NON-STEMI? I dont know if it is also a 92941 or is it a 92928? If anyone could clear this up for me, I would appreciate it. I tried to find the information out but could...
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    Hospital Cardiac Procedures

    Hello, I just put a request for help for EP procedures. Would anyone as well have a list for Cardiac Hospital Procedures (Gen change, Insert, Loop, Tilt, TEE, CV, Heart Caths). I do the coding for these and we no longer have our individual that handled all of this. Just requesting a list of...
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    EP Ablation Help!!!!!

    Hello, I code for EP Ablation. I am desperate if anyone could please send me a list of insurances that require precerts or referrals for these procedures. I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thank You
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    Nuclear Stress Testing

    Does anyone know where I can locate the payable ICD-10 codes (LCD) for Nuclear Stress Testing? 78452 A9502 93015 j2785 Thank You
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    Question re E&M coding

    We use a EMR system and not all information is documented on the visit note by the doctor when I audit the note. However the letter to the PCP regarding that visit is. My question is, can I combine both notes to use in coding the visit out? Thanks
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    Stents and Medicare

    If the physician puts a stent in one main vessel and a stent in another main vessel, does medicare cover both or is it only when the physician puts a stent in a main vessel and then a branch? Thanks
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    General Question

    I have been in Cardiology greater than 20 years and coding for 5 - 6 years. I have my CPC, CCC however I would like to move forward and learn Cardio thoracic coding. Would anyone have any information regarding where or how to go about finding information on learning how to code this specialty? I...
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    Pacemaker/ICD modifiers

    Does anyone know if you need the KX and Q0 modifers for pacemaker and ICD implants if the patient goes through ER and is admitted? Also, what is the patient is not a Medicare or Medicare advantage patient. Would you apply a modifier for regular BCBS, etc... I have tried looking this...
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    Help with PCI

    I do not know which stent code to use for the following portion of this report; Using a LIMA guiding catheter, the ostium of the LIMA graft was cannulized. A Whisper wire was introduced across the LIMA into the LAD. Predilatation of the LIMA-LAD anastomosis was performed. Drug-eluting stent was...
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    Loop Recorder

    Does anyone know where I can locate payable diagnosis for the Loop recorder implants? Thanks
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    Need help with bi-pacer to upgrade bi-defib

    Our dr. preformed a: Upgrade of a bi-ventricular pacemaker to a bi-ventricular implantable cardioverter defib. Implantation of a new "right" ventricular defib lead Extraction of the pre-existing right ventricular pacemaker lead pocket revision The pocket was opened using sharp and blunt...
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    CABG question

    On one report I have: Saphenous vein to the RCA, Circumflex, diagonal LAD Left IMA to the mid distal LAD The second report I have: Saphenous vein to the circumflex X 2 and also to the RC, LAD Mammory artery to the LAD My question is how would I count these in regards to sequential grafts?
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    Replacement of Conduit

    Pt had replacement of RV to PA conduit with graft (status post Rastelli procedure). A sternotomy was performed and Bypass was initated. After the procedure, ventricular pacing wires were placed and a gore-tex membrane was placed. Help. Do not know how to code this. Also, is sternotomy included...
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    Help with aneurysm

    Can anyone help me code this Bilateral common femoral artery access with US guidance Infrarenal aortic repair with S&I Bilateral aortic cath, nonspecific Thank You
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    I am a Cardiology coder but am new to CABG. Can anyone direct me to learn how to code these procedures please. I have been on Zhealth but I can not afford the 300.00 book. Thank You
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    Amount and/or Complexity of Data Reviewed

    Have a question regarding Lab ordered and/or reviewed vs. Review and summary of old records (This is for a specialty physician sending dictated letter to PCP) How far back can you consider "old records?" I have patients that have had labs done just a few months ago and when the physician...
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    Consult denial

    Our specialty doctor saw a patient in consult on 7/2/16 whom was admitted on 7/1/16 (we were not the admitting dr). The patient ended up being D/C (not by our service) on 7/2/16. The same patient came back to the hospital again on 7/3/16 with the same problem and was admitted again (not by our...
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    Help with ROS & PFSH

    When counting the ROS and the PFSH can you count the face sheet that the M.A. fills out that includes the patient's blood pressure, smoking history, ROS details in the patients chart for that encounter if the doctor signs the bottom of the page but doesn't put the details in his consult or...
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    ? Shared chart coding

    thank you!!!!!
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    ? Shared chart coding

    Need help with this one please!!!! We have a patient seen at the hospital from a auto accident for pericardial effusion. Our doctor did a consult and everything was fine so their was no follow up. Days later the patient was discharged and readmitted within the same facility to rehab. While...
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    Help with LHC, FFR, IVUS

    Our Dr. did a LHC with a FFR and IVUS. I billed 93454, 26 93571, 26, LM 92978, 26, LM Primary diagnosis used for all three was R94.39 Medicare is denying 93571 and 92978 for dx. Any help would be appreciated and if so, where may I find the information regarding these two codes?
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    EP Question

    Does 93650 include mapping? I am unable to locate that information in the CPT book. Thanks