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    996.73 vs 629.32

    Which ICD-9 code would you use? 996.73 vs 629.32. Do I have enough documentation for exposure of mesh into vagina or through vaginal wall? PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Chronic severe pelvic pain, status post Prolift mesh insertion with secondary scarring and mesh retraction. POSTOPERATIVE...
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    lap assisted sigmoid colectomy

    When you have time, will someone please review this op report and tell me how you would code? I looking at 44204 and 44207. It seems I have documentation for low pelvic anastomosis, but I would like someone to take a look at it. Thanks so much in advance. PREPROCEDURE DIAGNOSIS: Recurrent...
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    Butt implants/gluteal augmentation

    Quick!!! Help!!! I am trying to find the code for a butt implant (gluteal augmentation) procedure? Please advise and thanks in advance for your help.
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    Please help with bypass graft coding

    Hey, thanks in advance for all the help and advice. I am looking at CPT codes 35585, 35566, or 35666. Any clues/tips to help distinguish between in-situ vein, vein, or other than vein will also be appreciated. I know the op report is long, but thank you for your time and advice. PREOPERATIVE...
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    occurence codes

    Hey fellow coders, I am studying for the CPC-H exam, and I do not know if the list of occurence codes are located in any of our coding manuals. I found a list online, but I cannot take this into the exam with me. Does anyone know if they are found in our books? Thanks in advance!!!
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    abdominal abscess and revision of hartmanns procedure

    Please advise with proper codes. Thanks in advance!!! PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: 1. Abdominal wall abscess. 2. Peritoneal abscess with suspected Hartmann pouch disruption. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: 1. Abdominal wall abscess. 2. Peritoneal abscess with Hartmann pouch disruption. OPERATION...
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    occurence codes

    Where can I find occurence codes? Are they in any of the coding manuals? Thanks in advance!
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    large abdominal wall abscess

    Please help with codes. Thanks in advance!! PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Large abdominal wall abscess. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Large abdominal wall abscess. PROCEDURE: Debridement of abdominal wall abscess with placement of abdominal wound VAC FINDINGS: Large amount of fat necrosis and fluid...
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    Please advice with all codes applicable with modifiers. I am stumped. I have 47563 for the CPT with 574.20. Do we have documentation to support any additional codes? Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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    upper vs lower abdomen

    CALLING ALL CODERS Please allow me to hear your thoughts on the topic of the abdomen. I want to know all you know about the upper versus the lower abdomen. Where does the upper abdomen begin and end? When coding and trying to decide between upper and lower, do you choose based on incision or...
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    femoral thromboendarterectomy

    Please advise with coding. Thanks in advance (I know its a long op report)!!! I know I can code 35371 for the femoral thrombroendarterectomy, but I am unsure of angioplasties. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Bilateral lower extremity claudication and rest pain in left lower extremity. POSTOPERATIVE...
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    Cardioversion with TEE

    If patient has a cardioversion with a TEE, can you code both procedures if coding for the anesthesiologist? If so, should I code a modifier 59 on the TEE? Thanks in advance!
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    Incision and drainage abdomen and wound vac

    Please assist with proper codes. Thanks again in advance! PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Worsening cellulitis, erythema, and tunneling of chronically infected right abdominal/flank wound. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Worsening cellulitis, erythema, and tunneling of chronically infected right...
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    wound revision

    Please assist with coding. Patient had a lower abdominal hernia months ago and has since had debridement and placement of wound vac. Patient now presents for continued follow up from her recent abdominal wall reconstruction and surgeon performs a wound revision and then closes the resulting...
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    lipoma coding

    Patient had a subcutaneous mass of the scalp. Surgeon removed mass and sent to pathology to discover it was a lipoma. This is the entirety of the operative report: Preop dx: Subcutaneous mass of scalp Postop dx: Subcutaneous mass of scalp Procedure: Excision of subcutaneous mass of scalp...
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    wound vac application with debridement

    Need advice on proper coding. Here is the procedure: Debridement of abdominal wall abscess with placement of abdominal wound VAC Postoperative diagnosis: abdominal wall abscess I used cpt code 11042 with a diagnosis of 682.2. Would there be any additional codes? Thanks in advance for any...
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    Vascular erectile dysfunction following pelvic fracture

    If a patient is having penile revascularization performed due to ED following a pelvic fracture, would the primary diagnosis be 607.84 (ED) and would you need a secondary code indicating the pelvic fracture? Would it be considered a late effect?
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    Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization

    Does this procedure (Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization) have a CPT code or would I use an unlisted code? 46999?
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    Anesthesia adminstered for two c/s

    Pt was brought to the OR and spinal is placed for cesarean delivery due to worseing HTN in pregnancy, BDM, poor compliance with care, and fetal breech position. Before preparing the abdomen, Ultrasound was performed to confirm breech presentation. At this time, the baby is now vertex...
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    Calling all Expert Coders (Reposted)

    I am also having trouble locating the correct CPT code for this procedure, Laparoscopic release of median arcuate ligament due to celiac artery compression. My diagnosis code is 447.4, and I am considering using 00770 as my anesthesia code, but I would still like a CPT code. Any information...
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    Need help with anesthesia codes

    I know this operative report is long, but I have been studying it for hours. I need another coder's opinion. On the anesthesia record, it is noted that 2 attempts were made at a double lumen tube with the third attempt successful. An a-line (36620) was also placed by anes. as well as...
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    New job in outpatient coding

    I was just called for a new job as an outpatient coder. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    intrathecal pain pump

    Patient comes in with chronic pain syndrome for a revision of an intrathecal pain pump at the end of its battery life. No complications can be found for the revision. I coded the primary diagnosis 338.4 (chronic pain syndrome), and then V53.09 for the end of the battery life second. Would you...
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    Cysto coding help

    Please take a look at this op report, and let me know what codes you would use. The patient is an 86-year-old white female, quite debilitated with known significant peripheral vascular disease, who was seen in the hospital in October 2009, with right hydronephrosis secondary to large nonopaque...
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    Hemorrhoidopexy or not???

    Which code would you select: 46947 or 45541? Op report states that using the THD/ultrasound device, the 5 branches of the hemorrhoidal vessels were identified. A figure of eight absorbable suture was placed at the pedicle, under ultrasonic guidance, to obilerate the vascular signal at all other...
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    upper extremity basilic vein transposition

    Can anyone assist with the correct CPT and anesthesia code for an upper extremity basilic vein transposition? Patient also had a removal of a IJ PermCath due to malfunctioning as well as a new catheter tunneled and placed. The removal and placement codes would be 36590 and 36561, but I am...
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    ICD-9 code for Randall's plaques

    Patient undergoes cystourethroscopy with retrograde pyelogram. No ureteral stones were seen, but multiple Randall's plaques were found. What would the ICD-9 code be? 593.89? 592.0? 274.11? Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jamie
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    Cystourethroscopy with right retrograde pyelogram

    What would the anesthesia code be for the primary procedure: Cystourethroscopy with right retrograde pyelogram? Would it be 01922? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Jamie
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    Anterior transthoracic approach

    What procedures involving the thoracic spne and cord would require an anterior transthoracic approach? I believe this approach may be considered for treatment of disk herniations, anterior release and/or instrumentation for spinal correction, decompression, fusion, and/or instrumentation for...