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    Shrinkage of ACL

    What cpt code would you use to code an arthroscopic shrinkage of the anterior cruciate ligament?
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    Anesthesia code for 63685

    What would the anesthesia code for 63685 (insertion of a spinal cord stimulator)?
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    Essure procedures

    Is anyone doing Essure procedures in their ASC facilities? If you are, what codes are you using and how is the reimbursement?
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    Essure procedure

    I work for an ASC company and we have a physician that wants to start performing Essure procedures. Can anyone tell me about these procedures? What cpt and/or HCPCS code(s) would be used?
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    Fluoroscopy in Physician Office

    Do any of the Pain Management physicians have a C-Arm in their office and are you billing for the fluoroscopy (77003)? If so, are you getting reimbursed for the global service (professional and technical components) from Medicare? I have a few other questions about it as well, but want to...
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    Brachytherapy coding - billing with the cpt code

    I currently work with an ASC that is reviewing the Brachytherapy codes. We are currently billing with the cpt code 55875, and outsource the rest. Since the Medicare reimbursement rules are changing for ASC's on 1/1/08, we are trying to review what other codes are billed during a Brachytherapy...
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    Brachytherapy coding

    With the new changes in Medicare reimbursement, we are reviewing the Brachytherapy codes. We currently bill with CPT Code 55875, but are trying to review the codes for the seeds themselves. Does anyone have any information as to what codes would be used for the radioactive seeds or where I...