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    excision of cyst/pore

    Can someone offer some advise as to how this should be coded? The cyst was removed with elliptical excision. The pore was extracted with the cyst using 4mm punch to cut the skin around the pore. I sutured the opening of the pore extraction and sutured the cyst. Performed a layered closure...
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    Diagnosis Code

    My dr. has performed a shave on a lesion, CPT 11300, with tissue to path. Path report comes back 173.5. Dr says we cannot assign 173.5 to a shave code. However, a shave is what in documented. Can we code 11100? Can a malignant diagnosis be coded with a shave procedure? Another senerio, the...
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    IDC-9 code

    Does anyone kow the diagnosis code for clothing catching on a lesion? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.