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    Topaz Procedure

    Does anyone have experience coding this procedure? Any information that can be given would be very helpful. Thank you
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    E/M billable on the same day that procedure is schedule?

    When patients are in the office and are having issues (positive stool), they are placed on the schedule for a colonoscopy within the next week, can an E/M be billed for that visit? Or is this part of the surgical package?
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    Cannulated Screw Revision

    would anyone be able to help with a code for a patient that had cannulated screws that were cutting within the subchondral articular surface of the femoral head which were removed and replaced. The Operative Procedure: Removal of failed loosening hardware with secondary exchange of...
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    observation vs. inpatient stay

    case management states patient does not meet requirement for inpatient or observation status. what would be the procedure codes used for a two day stay? patient has medicare as primary insurance
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    Has anyone continued to further their education to a bachelors degree? If so how did you get started?
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    post op care only

    could someone refresh my memory on how we follow the format for post op care only. My provider is caring for a patient after she had a fx hip surgery done at other facility and is now in our office for fu care.
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    Can a consult be billed if the patient is referred by a PA/NP to the speciality doctor?
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    proficiency testing

    if you do not pass the ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment test in the two attepts can you purchase it again to retry? Would anyone know this information?
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    can a meniscectomy be coded with a synovectomy, if so is modifier needed
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    dx code for TFCC

    need help with dx for TFCC tear, triangular fibrocartilage ligament complex tear
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    Ob/gyn coding seminars

    I am new to coding OB/GYN, does anyone have any information where I can attend any seminars or any good websites for this speciality.
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    Myringotomy with PE tube insertion

    I am new with ENT coding and would like alittle help. My doctor inserted a PE tube along with a myringotomy with aspiration, would the PE tubes be included in that procedure or can I code seperate. Also does anyone have any good coding seminars or information that I could attend to for this...
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    SI joint injections

    Could anyone tell me how they are coding for a SI joint injection for a dx of sacroilitis?
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    Heel spur

    Does anyone have any idea which code to use if your dr. Is injecting a heel spur? Dx is heel pain/heel spur stacy
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    Shoulder arthroscopy

    Anyone have any good websites or any idea where i can get information on coding shoulder arthroscopy with full details with each procedure and what could be used together??? Help thanks
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    Reaction to Vancomycin postop

    Any Suggestions? I have a patient that was given Vancomycin preoperative and during the sx she began to have a reaction to the medicine and needed to be transferred by ambulance to our local er and admit for a 23 hour oberservation.. Can I bill for the er and/ or the 23 oberservation? thanks stacy
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    Refresher Ideas

    Anyone have any ideas where I can get some orthopedic training or a refresher for the orthopedic exam? I have the practicum,but I feel it's not real helpful. I'm looking for any workshops or conferences. thanks Stacy CPC
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    Chantix given pre-opertive

    I have two patients that my doctor prescribed chantix preoperative.. He feels this is something extra and should be billable preoperative. Does anyone have any suggestions?? stacy