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    Prescription drug management

    Does an active decision not to prescribe medication, constitute “prescription drug management” Clinical scenario: Patient presents with a tick bite. Tick has been on for 12 hours. Tick is removed. Physician documents “I do not believe that the patient needs diagnostic testing or antibiotic...
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    Prescription Drug Management

    Does an active decision not to prescribe medication, constitute “prescription drug management” Clinical scenario: Patient presents with a tick bite. Tick has been on for 12 hours. Tick is removed. Physician documents “I do not believe that the patient needs diagnostic testing or antibiotic...
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    New audit hire testing

    I'm looking to see if anyone has a new hire audit test that they give to applicants to do prior to being hired. TIA Tracey
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    RXHCC coding

    Does anyone have a CMS link on Rxhcc coding using medications?
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    PQRS with Critical Care

    Can PQRS codes G8600/G8601/G8602 be coded with 99291 and 99292? Thanks Tracey
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    Rebuttal Statistics

    Does anyone know the normal percentage on audit rebuttal overturns? Looking for the normal industry percentage. Example audit charts, audit comes back with 500 errors. Coders send in 200 rebuttals. What is the percentage that usually get overturned? Thanks Tracey:confused:
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    Risk Adjustment coder needed

    Upmc Health Plan is looking for Risk Adjustment coding specialist. You must have 5 years experience. "Are you an experienced medical coder looking to further your skills at a company that offers excellent compensation and flexible work from home options? Then come join the coding team at the...
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    Specialty Coder needed(Physician Services) Kittanning, PA

    Specialty Coder (Physician Services) - Daylight 7:00am ? 3:30pm/8:00am ? 4:30pm - Must be a certified coder - Surgical coding experience required - Must be able to participate in creating appeals to payers - Must be able to communicate well with various audience groups - Provide training...
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    skyla iud

    Has anyone else had problems getting skyla iud paid? Office billed 58300 J7301 and 81025 but they are saying J7301 is mutally exclusive. any help please
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    Takken the CPC exam? How many passed the 1st try?

    Passed the first time finished early too. This is when you on;y had 5 hrs for the exam but now you get longer. Didn't study but was already coder for over 2 years which is what helped me along with the schooling I had prior
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    cauterization of round ligament postop

    Patient is 24 days post op LAVH now with vaginal bleeding. Procedure is laparoscopy with cauterization of left round ligament. Need help with cpt code
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    I took their boot camp last year and thought it was worth the money. I never got around to taking the test since I've not had the time but I will be getting my info back out to study. Tracey
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    external rotation stress ankle

    problem is the radiologist will be billing for that. so I can't figure out what the ortho can really bill for
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    external rotation stress ankle

    Please help with cpt code for the ortho dr "after identifying the patient...under fluoroscopic visualization and after applying a normal sterile prep and drape using sterile aseptic no-touch technique we injected the patients fracture and gave her hematoma block using 8 ml of 2% lidocaine into...
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    lesion excision

    Thanks. I just wanted to verify something as I've been doing it for years but was recently told that was wrong.
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    Colonoscopy -few general surgeons

    Use 45380 unless they specify hot or cautery. I was at the coding con conference in Dec and this is how we are directed if they don't say it in the op note.
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    lesion excision

    I have a question on how everyone codes lesion excision. Do you use the path report for diagnosis coding only or do you also use it to determine if your cpt code should be a benign or malignant code? Tracey
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    Edg with cck injection

    I need help in coding an EGD with cck injection. Doctor did egd then patient received cck by iv, doctor then collected bile over the next 10 mins. When talking to the provider the bile was suctioned through the scope. I was thinking of 43235-22 but not sure if there was a code out there for this...
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    Compliance courses

    Thank you very much
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    Compliance courses

    Does anyone know of any compliance courses out there. I know of a few people wanting to get into compliance. So any info would be greatly appreciated Tracey
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    Surgical Assistants

    I would be interested in this article as well.. Tracey
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    Auditing courses

    Does anyone know of any auditing courses out there. I know of a few people wanting to get into auditing. So any info would be greatly appreciated Tracey
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    Raleigh, NC area

    Looking for information on jobs, hospitals and salaries in Raleigh area, NC Any info is greatly appreciated TIA
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    Gen Surgery Conference

    Does anyone know of a good general surgery coding conference coming up this year?
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    Personal care home visits

    We have a physician who is going to a personal care home and we are having problems with the codes. It's not a nursing home or rest home. I thought we should use codes 99324-99337 or someone had thought maybe we should be using 99341-99350..Anyone bill for personal care homes now and what codes...
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    neuro sx

    Do u add L3-4 and L4-5 onto your claim?
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    neuro sx

    No the coder for that coded it as 63042-50 with 2 units and 63044-50 with 4 units as our system doesn't increase the fee and doesn't allow the L2-3 in our system. So I guess we need to have our employees who post to increase the fee when entering the charges but what do we do about not having...
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    neuro sx

    I didn't see a forum for neuro sx so asking on here. I have a pt who had a laminectomy bilateral on levels L2-3, L3-4, and L4-5. Medicare denied for units. Codes used were 63042 and 63044 can someone please help with how to bill out all the levels and bilaterally? TIA Tracey
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    laminaria placement

    Pt comes in to the office who is being seen for missed abortion. dr places laminaria then the pt is scheduled for treatment of missed abortion at the hospital for the next day. What cpt code do I use for the laminaria placement? TIA Tracey
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    preop visit

    They are routine clearance but the surgeon waits to hear from the pcp. So rather the pt is having a problem or not they still get sent back to their pcp for surgery clearance and it all depends on what other problems the pt has on what preop tests are ordered from the pcp
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    preop visit

    I have a discussion going on in the billing office. Patient goes to general surgeon for problem surgeon decides to do surgery and tells the patient to go to their primary dr to get cleared for surgery. Patient goes to PCP for this. What e/m code do you use for the PCP visit?
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    pt delivered at home

    yes delivery was normal and no we didn't have any antepartum care for her
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    pt delivered at home

    I have a pt who delivered at home then came to the hospital. Dr admitted her examed her then discharged her home the next day. Do I code admit and discharge or postpartum care? Thanks Tracey
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    c-section with paraovarian cyst removal

    I have a pt who had a c-section and at the same time had left paraovarian cystectomy and fulguration of bilateral paraovarian cysts. How do I code the cystectomy and fulguration? Thanks Tracey
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    Release small bowel obstruction

    without seeing the op report i would guess 44050 and 49560
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    2 ventral hernia repairs

    I have a pt who had laparoscopic hernia repair. Once the upper ab hernia was repaired the dr then decided to also do lysis of adhesions in the lower ab/pelvis once there they noticed another ventral hernia. Can I code for 2 lap ventral hernia repairs since they were in separate areas? thanks tracey
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    pregnancy coding change of insurance

    We have a pt who switched insurances part way thru her pregnancy. With her new insurance she had 6 prenatal visits prior to giving birth. Do I bill for these visits then the delivery only code or do I bill delivery code with antepartum and postparum care?
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    I have a group of general surgeons who take turn with taking call. Say I have Dr A on call on Monday night, pt comes in to er, er dr calls Dr A and Dr A says to go ahead and admit the pt. Dr A never sees the pt but Dr B comes in on Tuesday morning and sees the pt and dictates an H&P. Dr A and Dr...
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    repair of pej tube

    I need help with what cpt code to use Description of procedure: The catheter was inspected. The split was identified. This was wrapped with tape to close the split and hopefully this will prevent further leakage temporarily. The patient has been scheduled for replacement of his pej feeding tube...
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    General Surgery Conference?

    I saw one online that is in Vegas in Jan. I have requested to go to this as I code for general surg and other specialities. Tracey
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    24 mod is used when during the postop period which she didn't deliver yet so I wouldn't be able to use that modifier. If I try to bill an e/m code it will be rejected by the insurance saying this is during the prenatal care.
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    I have a dr who was pre-admitting a pt for a c-section because of being breech. When the pt came in that day she was no longer breech so her c-section was cancelled. Over a week later she came in and was having a different problem and had to have a c-section. My dr wants to charge something for...
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    help with sx code

    I have a sx that the dr did a total abdomial hysterectomy and they also excised part of the tube for a bisopy. Need help with a cpt code. Thanks Tracey
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    HSG Coding help!

    I can't bill for the 76831 because my ob/gyn drs aren't credentialed to read them. So you need to look into that too. The radiologist here read them and bill for them even though it's in my report from my ob/gyn. Tracey
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    need help with this one

    I need help coding the following op report exploratory lap and drainage with vacuum pack open abdominal draina dn jp drains in the lesser sac root of the mesentery and left gutter. "incision was made from xiphoid down to the umbilicus and just below. The bovie cautery was then used to dissect...
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    discharge or ?

    My documentation has the final dx, reason for hospitalization and hospital course. No times as none of my drs ever dictate time for discharges. It states the "pt did not wish to stay in the hospital and did proceed to sign himself out against medical advice. Discussion was carried out with him...
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    discharge or ?

    Yes there was face to face time. I wasn't sure about the discharge code because we didn't discharge him. So didn't know what to do or if I could code a 99231-99233. Tracey
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    discharge or ?

    I'm reading a discharge summary from one of my drs and I get to the end and it says the pt signed himself out against medical advice. I don't know if I can really bill for a 99238 since the pt signed himself out. Help with this one please. Thanks Tracey
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    Wiki skin lesion removal HELP!

    I always wait too for the path report then attach it with my op report to show where the measurements came from. I was just a little shocked when I heard that it's not ok to use the path report. This is what I have always done.
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    Wiki skin lesion removal HELP!

    I got an email from someone that says the Don Self newsletter states that the final path report does not change your cpt code. It states that rules were changed on March 1st but I can't find anything on CMS stating this.