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    77771 and 77427

    Did you ever get a reply to this? Are you in Texas??
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    Modifier 50 Vs LT/RT

    It might be payer specific. Our BCBS TX wants the 50 not LT/RT.
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    mastectomy and global period

    new ins Unfortunately the new insurance will be paying for the new surgery even though it is in the global period. It wouldn't be in the "global" period for the new insurance company though. It is all driven by date of service. If it is all in the same year - her employer might have the...
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    Modifier for Dermatology Excisions and Repairs being billed together

    excisions with repairs The only time I put a -51 on either code was if it was a Medicare claim and my claim scrubber needed it. The repair code is usually the higher RVU so that should go first then the excision code. If it is the same location, (and it doesn't fall under the "simple" repair...
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    remote coding and auditing opportunities

    Interested in position Hi interested in position. No trauma experience. Worked @ uthsc-Houston for several years. Barbie
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    Assistant Surgeon modifier

    assistant surgeon I would advise you get the op note from the other surgeon that he "assisted" to see if he is listed as an "assistant" in that note. If he's listed as an "assistant" to the procedure he says he is, then the "80" will work. Hope this helps!! Barbie:)
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    Help with documentation by non-medical person on a medical visit

    We've got 2 MA/LVN people in our office that scribe for our physician. Our front desk person has started to take vitals (weight, temp, BP/pulse) as well as ask for CC from the patient. When I've gone back thru to audit the records, I"m seeing 2 sometimes 3 different handwriting styles but only...
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    add-on codes

    Help with add on codes..... I know the answer to this question....but I'm needing physical "proof" for a stubborn insurance company that has all of a sudden decided that they need modifiers for add on codes. example..... I've got a 17311 & 17312 that were billed in a 14060 global period. Had...
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    Mohs surgery

    possible incorrect denial I work for a Mohs surgeon and we do get this issue. Most of the time it is a medical records request denial and they have just denied it incorrectly. I usually submit the original biopsy showing the different locations as well as the surgical reports and the repair...