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    Question G0508

    Our clinical psychologist recent did a telehealth consultation G0508 , can someone tell me if a modifier is needed and if so what modifier. ewilli57
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    Question aqua therapy

    Can anyone tell me what Modifiers would be needed for aqua therapy codes 97113(pool) and 97022(whirlpool). ewilli57
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    Modifier Level 71

    With new codes posted by DOL has anyone had a chance to look at all the new Modifier Levels? If so, I would greatly appreciate any input regarding any and all Modifier Levels. Thank you. EB / AB
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    MRI, EMG's

    Could someone who's familiar with coding these procedures tell me if there are codes for reviewing EMG's, MRI's diagnostic with the patient. It's my understanding that the review of these tests would be part of the patients office visit. ewili57
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    Bone Density coding

    Can anyone tell me what the correct coding would be for a bone density test for a 66 year old female ? Any information to get me started would be appreciated. Thanks, E.B.