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    Bone Marrow Performed by Pathologist

    Darlene Our Pathologist does not extract the bone marrow. That is done by the Oncology/Hematology doctor.
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    Bone Marrow Performed by Pathologist

    Darlene HI Dana, Pathology codes for bone marrow processing; The codes you listed are the same ones that our pathology uses. However, the CCN does not want to pay anything except the 85097. They have denied the 88305 and 88311. They only paid one of the 88313, and our pathologist uses 2 of...
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    New office visit after in patient consult?

    Patient seen by oncologist as a consult on an in-patient basis. When patient is discharged from the hospital and has a follow-up visit with the oncologist a week later is the patient considered a new patient or established?