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    CPCO exam

    Did you got an answer from AAPC? Same thing happy to me, bought the exam in 12/2018 printed everything and schedule the exam in feb to take it in July and went in last week and saw the new references, this is completely unfair. They should make an exception for everyone who have already bought...
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    Compliance certification 2019

    Thank you so much for your advise and congratulations on passing!!! How exciting. Well I work as an Auditor in the SIU dept for a big insurance company so I’m familiar with laws and guidelines but after reading your comments I do need to study and practice. I’m printing all the references AAPC...
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    Compliance certification 2019

    Thank you!! Yes, please let me know and best of luck to you!
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    Compliance certification 2019

    Hi everybody!! I just purchased the 2019 CPCO exam bundle and study guide. I have CPC, CRC and CPB and work for an insurance company in the SIU department as a Clinical Provider Auditor and would love to get the compliance certification. I would really appreciate any help, advise or tips you...
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    Interim Billing Medicaid

    Need help with a denial Admit date 10/10/2017 DC date 10/19/2017 Can a provider bill claim type 112 with dates 10/10/2017-10/18/2017 and later send type 114 with the DC date? I'm getting billing error from the insurance company Thank you!!