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    At-home professions

    I started with this At Home Professions many years ago. Then I took a class with the AAPC. I passed my exam but not before buying every coding book in the market. It took me 5 years! I work for Ultimate Medical Academy. I have worked for many schools and this school by far has the best program...
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    CPPM test

    Are the accounting questions overwhelming? I know some of the information and reports but still need to brush up on others.
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    Question Any idea what "PR-106 - Patient payment option/election not in effect" means?

    You can locate denial codes on this website:
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    Which books??

    Which books? Hi Jay, I would not use the 2013 books. There were many changes to the CPT that may affect the exam. I always recommend my students use the current books even if it is January. Diana Wilson
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    CPC Exam and Outdated Books

    Don't you think... Don't you think that is the AAPCs call? We don't know what is on the exam. I do not believe they would purposely tell us it is okay to use last years book just so people can fail the test. If you think about it, maybe it is to help examinees save money on buying new books...
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    E/M Visit for Colonoscopy Referral

    colonscopy referral I live in the state of Texas and have worked for several gastroenterologists and a general surgeon. Medicare has never paid for a visit before the colonoscopy is done. If you get denied from Medicare, you are not able to bill the patient either. I hope this helps.
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    New E&M coder

    E/M cheat has a good E/M tool. If you want to get good practice with E/M, HCPRO sells step-by-step books for auditing E/M codes.
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    Colonoscopy using hemoclips

    Hemoclip No, he cannot bill for the hemoclip.
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    Need help!! Recurrent acute otitis media. Bilaterial mucopurulent otitis media with e

    Otitis Media This link provides good information on coding "otitis media"
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    Gc modifier - VALID CODE

    GC Modifier A good resource for modifiers can be found in your state's Medicare intermediary web-site. There were updates to the modifier manual for Texas in 2011. This is the link if you want to take a peek.
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    Need E&M expert-ROS ?-19 views no reply

    The Trailblazerhealth Website (Intermediary for Texas) has a lot of information available on E/M coding. This is the direct link to it. I hope you find your answer. If you are not serviced by Texas, the Medicare intermediary for your state will probably have the same information available...
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    ICD-9 for immigration physical followup visit

    Physicials Working in the industry for as long as I have, I can tell you that many insurance carriers do not pay for physicials. I agree with charging the patient. I also feel that calling the insurance to see if the physical is a covered expense would save you time and trouble.
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    New Patient & Vaccine

    Epsdt Does the patient have Medicaid?
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    Mva and sick visit on same day

    MVA and sick visit The sick visit should be billed to the regular insurance carrier as a separate charge. We always bill MVA to the patient's private insurance carrier. The automobile insurance settles with the private carrier. If an attorney is involved, get a letter from the attorney that the...
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    Disengaged Toenail

    disengaged toenail It can also be caused by an injury.
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    Reviews for Code it Right

    Code It Right Before you purchase, see if you can get a free trial. I have not tried this particular product. "Encoder Pro" offers a free trial. I got to admit, I was very happy with Encoder Pro so I purchased it. It has all that you mentioned and then some. We have "Code-Correct" where I...
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    At home medical billing

    Some people have a great experience. However, personally, I feel you have to have to know the doctor you are going to do billing for. I think some doctors worry about the HIPAA compliance, for whatever reason, and would rather outsource their billing to a company who was referred by someone...
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    Foley Catheter

    Are you referring to the insertion of a temporary foley catheter or the foley catheter (DME)?
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    E/m cheat sheet

    Ortho leveling sheet Click on the second link in the article.
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    Proper fracture care coding

    Fracture care Straight from the CPT book Guidelines: Surgery Musculoskeletal System Application of Casts and Strapping The listed procedures apply when the cast application or strapping is a replacement procedure used during or after the period of follow-up care, or when the cast...
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    Ace bandages, bandaids, gauze, oh my!

    Gauze and bandages Some supplies can be billed (which are listed in parenthetical notes by the CPT procedure codes). In the scenario of gauze and bandages, they have always been included as part of the code we use.
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    HELP!! Diagnosis coding question

    diagnosis coding Welcome to the doctor version of coding. If it was a problem, he would probably have been audited by now. I agree with the last reply you got.
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    diabetes coding

    Diabetes Coding Diabetes WITH Nephropathy Code is 250.4X (add 5th digit), and 583.81. As last person said, confirm that the nephropathy is a manifestation of the diabetes with the physician (who should have documented this).
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    How should Code 76880 be coded if done bilaterally?

    Code 76880 Sometimes it depends on the carrier; You might try modifier -50. 76880-50 x 1 only (increase price for both extremities)
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    Lab and Pathology questions on CPC

    Lab and Path Best study guide is buying the AAPC study guides and reading the guidelines in the CPT manual. I wouldn't spend my money on anything else.
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    Billing Medicaid for 2 E/M Services

    preventive visits Is this Medicaid of Texas?
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    Share Your Favorite Coding Resources

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    Diagnosis code for a follow-up visit

    diagnosis Follow up visits with resolved conditions are still coded with the same ICD-9 code as the first visit. See the link below.
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    Help!!! Anyone taken the COBGC exam

    specialty exam I would purchase the mock exam from AAPC. Specialty exams are reasonably priced and amazingly informative. I bought several so far because I plan to take them soon. I spent a lot of money on other companies who provide mock exams and I never should have done it.
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    Radiology coding ?

    Billing? Are you asking about a billing service fee?
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    New physician / retroactive

    Medicare retro Yes; Call the provider relations department at Medicare for detailed information.
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    Coding Question

    Well visit with 99213 Modifier 25. Payment depends on the insurance carrier. Many carriers will only pay one of the visits. Medicare does not pay a well visit unless it is on a patient who just received Medicare. Check with your local Medicare intermediary.
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    doppler testing - cpt 93922

    Code 93922 This is a covered Medicare code. What diagnosis are you using?
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    modifier for covering doc??

    Modifiers for covering doctors If the doctor who is covering is using his billing information, the billing does not require a modifier. Coverage rules state the visit is to be billed as an established patient visit.
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    HELP- EGD,Rem.of Peg and Insert Of Peg

    EGD with insertion of PEG tube Read the article found at If you do not find your answer, send an inquiry to Kathleen @ She is an expert GI coder. Diana Wilson, CPC