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    Question Anesthesia Blocks during surgery

    I recently started coding for anesthesia and am confused on which codes to use when a provider performs an anesthesia block as the only anesthesia for a surgical procedure. The example I have is surgery for an inguinal hernia repair (cpt 49650) and the anesthesiologist did an intrathecal block...
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    Inpatient seen in office

    My provider has an office located in a hospital, however he is not a department of that hospital. I am not sure how to code for patients who are inpatients but brought to the office to be seen? I believe the place of service needs to be 21, but as far as what to bill for the visit I do not know...
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    E/M level for planned procedure

    I am a new coder working for a Urology office. My provider feels he should be able to bill an E/M visit for a planned diagnostic cystoscopy in the office due to the time he spends discussing with the patient his findings. These procedures are scheduled at the patients prior office visit. I...