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    Credentialing Specialist

    We are looking for a Credentialing specialist in our solo gastroenterology office in Hamilton Ohio. We need someone ASAP since we are in the process of incorporating. Please call Barb at 513-867-2545, fax your resume to 513-867-2873.
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    remote coding for inventional radiology/cardiology and vascular surgery e/m pain medi

    I have over 23 years of clinical experience in a hospital , I have my CPC and RT(R). I was a special procedures technologist and cath lab technologist for 23 years. I have been coding for 23 years also. Vicki Smith ,CPC, R.T. 3746 Nine Mile Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45255 513-753-3745...
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    coding off from a hand written procedure from the procedure doctor

    Can you code from a hand written procedure from the procedure doctor? The procedure does dictated at the hospital when I let him know that he did not dicated the procedure at the hospital.
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    cardizem and lopressor new j codes

    what are the new j codes if any for cardizem 10 mg iv and if nce? What are the new j code for lopressor 5mg iv and nce ? thanks vicki
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    medical auditor

    Can a cpc auditor the charts for the practice that they work for?