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    SLUMS Testing

    Does any office do this testing? If so, how do you bill? I am unable to find a CPT/HCPCS code to bill and everything I have read says there is not a code, however, my provider said he heard that there was a code.. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Delivery ICD10 Codes

    How would you code a normal vaginal delivery when the patient had gestational diabetes during the pregnancy?
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    Coding for CMS Claims

    I have just been told by a billing company that I cannot code a provider's diagnosis according to the new CMS guidelines for ICD10, that the provider has to do it. Is this something new that I am not aware of since I have my CPC certification?
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    ICD-10 Diabetes question

    If a patient has been diagnosed with Diabetes with Retinopathy but the patient is only being seen by the provider for treatment of the Diabetes and the retinopathy is not address, would you code with just a diabetes code?
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    History of Present Illness documentation

    I am trying to find current documentation that the provider is required to do this part and that an ancillary personal cannot. Does any one have a current location in the CMS guidelines where this can be found. Thanks!
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    Does any one have offices that bill for ultrasounds? (OB and non OB) and are your providers certified to read ultrasounds. I have a new OB provider who is stating that she cannot bill for performing an ultrasound which I have not heard before. Thanks! Can any tell me where to find...
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    Has anyone billed for this procedure code for drug testing? Trailblazers's website says they will pay per unit but they are only paying for 4 and we are performing 12.
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    Pain Management Injections

    When using the code 64495--if this is bilateral procedure--do you bill medicare with the modifier -50 and double the price and put the units as (1) or do you split them up with the modifier -LT or -RT?
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    Prental patient sent to hospital for monitoring

    What E/M code do you use when a patient is sent to L&D for monitoring or for threatened labor and the doctor goes to see them and discharges them home? We are having difference of opinion in the office.