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    Arterial Doppler with -52 mod

    I have came across this and not sure the right way in doing it. Getting different answer from different people. I have a Arterial Doppler Bilateral 93925 but the patient has an amputation (BKA/AKA). Should these be coded 93925 with -52 because of the amputation? Or 93925 with the amputation as...
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    CPC with two years experience

    CPC with two years experience Please look my resume!
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    93922 is this the right CPT code

    My place of employment want to buy a Flo Chec, but before they do I need to do research on the amout we would get for doing these, to see if it is worth spending the money. the Flo Chec description says-- The Flo Chec photoplethysmography (PPG) System provides graphical information about...
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    80104 (multiple drug classes)

    For the CPT code 80104- Drug screening qualitative multiple drug classes other than chromatographic method, each procedure. What do they mean by Multiple drug classes? Kinda confused about single drug class method and multiple drug classes. Thank you Amanda
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    Wiki CPT codes 93306 and 93308

    What is the difference between 93006 echo and 93308 echo? thanks Amanda