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    CPT codes requiring referring physician

    Referring physician Hi Friends, I am looking for list of CPT codes or supportive document regarding referring physician requirement on Part-B claims.
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    Preventive examination.

    Hi Friends, Can PCP performs "Preventive (AWV) visit" in nursing home. Kindly share any supportive web link. :cool::)
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    CPMA CEU's

    Hi Everybody, Please guide how will we get free CEU's (AAPC approved) to maintain CPMA certification. Appreciate help.....
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    Multiple tendon tear

    840.8 should be correct one.....
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    Help with this EP report

    EP Documentation support's following codes also please check. 93652 93620 +93621 +93622 +93623 +93662 +93462
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    Mohs Surgery - coding for MOHS

    Mohs Need to bill 17311x1 and 17315x1.
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    Placement of access

    Urology. CPT codes should be 50384, 77002-26, 59
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    CPT code 20610

    Joint Injection or Arthrocentasis? We are not clear on your question the procedure was arthrocentasis or Joint Injection? If its joint injection then you can bill "J" code with procedure code.
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    aortic valve replacement

    Icd coding ICD codes should be 996.02, 990 and v43.3. Others also share there views.
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    CPT code 76645 and 76942

    Ultrasound Only 76942............
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    e/m and multiple injections.

    joint injection with E/M As per your Quote, need to supportive evidence or work for other problems with Joint injection procedure to justify the separate level of e/m code then we need to code level of service with mod-25 if we unable to prove separate work of physician then we need to code and...
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    Duplicate CPC Certificate

    Duplicateeeeeeeeeeee Hey prithvi, your previous means original with anyone company or you not still received original. I thought it may be with your company that's your original please check with your companies account department.;):confused::p:eek:
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    Can you bill 76831 & 58340 together?

    ob Its entirely depends of how physician documented the services.
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    Wound Care: Dermagraft re-application

    Dermagraft Bill re-application of dermagraft by using 15365-58 it's correct...
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    G0008 & G0009 Modifier with 90471??

    vaccination. Need to bill with GA modifier with "G" CPT codes bcz 90471 is mutually exclusive with G codes as per medicare.
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    can someone tell me if im right

    prostate screening Before billing G0103 need to check patient signed ABN waiver or not but the CPT code was correct.;)
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    Cardiac Cath Help!!!!

    cardiac cath. Need to code only two codes as per procedure note 92980-LC and 92981-LD. No supportive documentation to code E/M services along with stent placement.
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    diag help please

    ICD Coding ICD code should be "V67.59", others also share the thoughts.:)
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    Congenital knee surgery

    Surgical Arthroscopy. Coding should be 29881-RT, 717.5. Others also share there thoughts.
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    ICD Coding. "998.59" should be a code plsease check it help you. Thanks:cool:
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    Inpatient 99232 w/ 36620

    Mod-59 Denial was correct no need to append Mod-59 with 36620. check this link it will help you very well.
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    Fitting adjustment of bi-ventricular/ ICD pacemaker

    If you share the report then it would be helpful to others who wants you to help in this senario.
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    Open Fractures

    contributor I have one question regarding Mod. If selected surgery code for open fracture having 90-day global period then we need to append Mod-25 or 57 with E&M if its billable with surgery code?:confused::confused:
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    Opinions on OP Note please

    Excision Malignant Lesion. Check 11623 & 13131 as CPT codes. 233.32 & 078.11 ICD codes please check it helps you. Others also share their expertise.
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    Contributor 27093 with 73523 as per my knowledge.
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    uterine artery cath placement

    Contributor 36247, 36247-59, 75736, 75736-59. Side Mod-RT & LT also valid with procedure codes. It helps you.
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    Icd-9 help

    Icd-9-cm Missing 5th digit. 655.83 with 593.89 it should help you.
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    E/m coding within global

    Mod-24 or 57 Either you need to append Mod-24 or 57 with E/M code depends upon global day's of current surgery code you selected. No need to append both Modifiers with E/M CPT code. It helps you!!!!
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    Myocardial Resection for Epicardial Bridge

    Unstable Angina Code should be "411.1" As per Medical dictonary actual defination of Intramyocardial bridge is Intramural coronary artery Surgical anatomy A band of myocardium that encases a segment of a large coronary artery–most often the left anterior descending branch; if the IB is...
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    EKG and E and M Code together

    E&m, ekg. In this senario need to bill EKG as well as OV and need to count in MDM also. Its my opinion only. Need to wait for others opion also.
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    Splitting Antepartum Visits

    Expert opinion. Hi Dawn, I am also waiting to hear the thoughts of experts on this question. Thanks for posting such nice question here. Experts should share their descriptive thoughts on this question.
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    Can you bill a 99211 with a UA?

    Modifier-25 Suppose if received documentation supports with both these codes in this senario, then its appropriate to append modifier-25 with 99211 CPT code?
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    Mdm- number of dx's or treatment options

    Contributor Hi Vanessa, We need to count both diagnosis for MDM.
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    Urgent: Inpatient Principal Diag Question

    Networker I code this templet as Intracranial hemorrhage as principal diagnosis and all relevant situation as secondary one. Hope others also share there ideas on same!!
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    sterile port acccess\heparin flush

    Basically before selection of any CPT code from these category need to check patient's age first then select the code; these Lifeport access codes depends upon patinets age. One for age 5 years or older and another one for younger than 5 years of age.
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    Excision of lip tumor

    complex repair As per CPT (40814 include complex repair) complex repair not included in 40816. It states complex excision as per my knowledge, so we need to code 13152 as per documentation. Thanks.
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    Neuroectodermal Tumor

    Neuroectodermal tumor Please check 239.2.
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    New patient vs established patient

    A patient who was not having coverage from any insurance has taken medical service by a provider and paid in cash at that time. After few months, the same patient takes medical service by same provider but now patient is covered by some insurance. The provider will consider this patient as new...
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    Ivr As CPT codes selection we have no doubt but modifier coding as per given below please check and confirm.. 47510 75980 47556 74363 47500-59 74320-59 Thanks. 47500 74320 47556 74363 47510-59? 75980-59? 1. Peicutaneous transhepatic cholangiogram. 2. Internal biliary stent placement with...
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    unna boot plus

    Unna Boot As you documented old boot removed and debrided wound of 1.8 cm x 1.3 cm and new unna boot placed. So, here as per documentation we need to code and bill removal, debridment and reapplication of boot. It helps you. Thanks
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    Removal of IVC filter

    IVC Filter Hi Sudip, These are the prefect codes for removal of IVC filter.
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    Atrial fib and atrial flutter

    cardiology We need to code both coditions as per documentation by using 427.31 & 427.32.
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    post mastectomy seroma

    Mod-79 We will bill this post mastectomy seroma procedure code by appending mod-79.
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    ICD 9 code for complications after esophagogastrectomy

    ICD code Please check 997.4, it will help you.
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    What diagnosis to use for 36556?

    I am agree with rjburd68 beacuse the reasion for intervention is to gain acess in the CVS so V58.81 is the correct code and 459.81 not going to support that documentation as lack of IV access. Also we need to look in patients hosipital documentation and as per his/her medical history we need to...
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    Hi Everybody, We are coding for California based OB physician. One Florida based patient taken OB care from our physician. Our physician wants to bill this visit one time OB visit there is no specific reasion for that visit except routine OB. So in this scenario we want to know which CPT and ICD...
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    billing of OB non-stress test

    Ob nst We need to bill for a OB NST for this patient as per medical neccessity for this test for Fetal surveilance.:)
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    Hi Panam

    Hi Panam