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    Let's start a pysch coding email group!

    I would love to be added to this group.
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    Takken the CPC exam? How many passed the 1st try?

    I passed the first time I took it.
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    CPC-A's do you need experience to get the A designation off?

    Kathleen, Hi. My name is Dorothy Hodge. I would be very interested in the CPC-A position. I am in Missouri but I would be very willing to relocate. Dorothy Hodge CPC-A
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    How make Coding Compliance Plan?

    Powepoint I would also like a copy of the powerpoint if u don't mind.
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    Working at Home

    I have found a psychologist that travels and sees children in their homes. She is wanting me to start doing her billing for her. Could anyone tell me about what would be a good price to charge for the service? I would greatly appreciate it. :cool: :cool:
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    Free Newsletter (no CEUs attached)

    I would like a copy also. Thanks. :eek: