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    New To Psychology Need Help

    If it's not an enrollment issue, it may be a modifier issue. Since the provider is a psychologist rather than a psychiatrist, it might be necessary to use an "AH" modifier to reference the type of provider who conducted the service.
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    Splitting a Private Practice

    In the Psychiatry practice I work for, we provide two different categories of service: we have a Psychiatry program and a Suboxone (opiate addiction treatment) program. I'm trying to find a way to legally separate the programs so that the MD can accept insurance for one and not the other (I was...
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    Do I code as lowest level if there aren't explicit times?

    On one of the progress notes I'm coding from, the provider put the start time but no end time. Should I code it as the lowest level individual psychotherapy (90804)? Thanks, Rebecca
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    Let's start a pysch coding email group!

    Please add me!
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    intake + therapy

    The description for the 90801 only includes initial services (history, mental status, disposition, communication with family, labs, etc) and not therapy itself. The only reason I would think you wouldn't be able to do this is the 90801 is not a time based appointment, so the 9-9:45 might still...
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    Telephone services

    Phone calls We've never gotten paid with one of those codes, but I had a teacher at a workshop I attended tell me to use them anyway. Apparently, it's one of those situations where the more the codes get used the more likely they will eventually get paid. Or it may just be wishful thinking :)