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    Benign reactive cellular changes

    What diagnosis does everyone use when pap report states "benign reactive cellular changes"?
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    Wiki code for poor weight gain

    I am having trouble coming up with a code for poor weight gain for a 6 year old child. Any suggestions?
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    How does everyone code resolved issues? For instance doctor dictates breast mass, resolved and breast pain, resolved.
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    DX code help please!!

    Doctor stated dx as "failed pregnancy". The pt had a positive BHCG of 60 and then a week later fell to 5.49. The pt states she never had any bleeding or cramping. I was looking at 634.90 but really don't like that. Any ideas?? Thank you, Jill CPC
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    AUB diagnosis

    If doctor uses dx Abnormal Uterine Bleeding what dx would you use? 626.8 or 626.9
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    How to bill??

    I have a patient that was transferred to another facility OOT due to having severe pre-eclampsia and delivered at 32 weeks by C-section. The patient then came back to our office for her C-section check. Not her postpartum visit, that she will come back for in another 3-4 weeks. How do I bill...
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    What Dx Should I Use For Preterm Premature Ruputre Of Membranes?
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    Hospital Superbills

    Does anyone have a copy of a hospital superbill that they could send me? The ones that my physicians are using are so old and i would like something that I could copy off of to get an idea and then maybe create our own. Thank you, Jill
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    New Dx Code

    How are you all interpreting the new code V28.81, Encounter for Fetal Anatomic Survey? What kind of situation would someone use this code?
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    laproscopic ovarian cystectomy

    What code do you guys use for this surgery?
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    Observation codes

    Can someone explain to me the 8 hour rule for Observation status? I have a pt that was in the hospital for observation status on one day and then went home the next day. She was there for more than 8 hours so that rules out 99218-99220 and she was admitted and discharged on different dates so...
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    surgery codes

    I need help with something. Here is the procedure as listed on op report. Diagnostic laparoscopy, rt salpingo-oophorectomy, and aspiration and drainage of left ovarian hemorrhagic cyst. thanks
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    If the doctor performs a hemocult in the office from doing a rectal exam is there a code that you can bill for that. The doctor is marking 82270 which I know is not right. Can anyone help me?
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    Prev med vs. E/M

    Does anyone have a documentation as to if an OB/GYN is doing a yearly pap smear, breast and pelvic exam as to if services should be coded as Prev Med. or E/M. Basically can a OB/GYN have a full prev exam if they are doing the breast, pelvic and pap?
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    Doctor not present for delivery

    I have a situation in which the doctor was not present for the delivery. She was on her way to the hospital when the pt had a precipitous delivery. Another doctor (affiliated with another practice) was on the labor and delivery floor and came in to care for the patient after the delivery. My...