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    Nurse visits and continuous glucose monitoring

    Hello, When billing for continuous glucose management, 92951 are you also able to bill a nurse visit, 99211 on same day? Thank you!
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    Resection of tumor

    Hello, One of my surgeons is performing a procedure for resection of right atrial and SVC tumor on bypass. Would you use 33120 for the resection of the right atrial tumor and unlisted for the SVC tumor? Thank you for your help!
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    SC joint reconstruction with allograft

    One of my surgeons is performing Sternoclavicular joint reconstruction with allograft tendon and I am looking at 21740. Can someone tell me if I am looking in the right direction? Thank you!
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    Pap done at the time of AWV

    Can someone tell me if a pap and pelvic is allowed at the time of a Medicare AWV?
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    Billing for influenza A and B

    Hello, If we perform influenza A & B in the clinic and it gets sent for culture, can we still bill for the flu test in the clinic?
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    Influenza test

    If influenza A&B were performed in the clinic and then gets sent for culture, does anyone know if we can still bill for the tests performed in the clinic?
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    resident performing PE

    Can a resident perform a PE and discuss this with the teaching physician in the clinic or does the teaching physician have to be physically present during the entire PE?
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    Holter monitor insert in clinic setting

    Can anyone tell me if the Holter monitor insert, 33282, can be performed in the clinic setting? We are currently performing these in the hospital, but one of my providers wants to start doing these in the clinic. Thank you!
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    Billing DME at time of diagnostic spirometry

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if the DME at the time of diagnostic spirometry is a billable service? HCPCS code S8100 billing along with 94060. Thank you!
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    Anesthesia for c-section and tubal

    Hello, I am new to anesthesia coding and need to know how to code when a patient has a C-section and tubal at the same session. I have a denial from a payer as we used the sterilization ICD10 code and they want the matching CPT code. I see that 01961 says cesarean delivery only. Do we bill...
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    upgrade from single chamber ICD to dual chamber ICD

    Just need to confirm that I am correct. My provider removed a single chamber ICD and inserted a dual chamber ICD and also a new lead. Would we use the combined removal and replace code of 33263? Would we also bill for the addition of the new lead? Thank you! Denise
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    Upgrade to CRT-P

    Patient undergoes upgrade from dual chamber pacemaker to CRT-P. Provider performs removal of dual chamber pacemaker, implants new right atrial pacing lead and implants new CRT-P generator. Patient has had a recently placed left ventricular pacing lead done at a prior procedure. Would I...
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    Left atrial appendage removal

    I understand that left atrial appendage removal is billable with an unlisted code if this is the only procedure that is performed. It would be bundled with a Maze or mitral valve surgery. Can anyone guide me to a similar procedure so I can compare RVU to price the unlisted code?? Any help...
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    Intracranial Artery Angioplasty

    I have a denial on this procedure stating it is experimental. Has anyone had any luck with getting this procedure paid? The angioplasty was performed for cerebral vasospasm. I would love to get a copy of an appeal letter if possible. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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    Procainamide challenge-I am having

    I am having a hard time finding a correct CPT code for this test. One of my cardiologists is performing these in the hospital to rule out Brugada syndrome. He is using 93015, but not sure this is correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    **help with procedure code**

    Need help with assigning CPT codes for pulmonary artery replacement using graft. This is due to aneurysm. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    Sbrt - 77373

    I am having a hard time finding the work RVU associated with 77373. Can someone help me with this? Thanks!
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    Help with coding!!

    Patient has a history of acute ascending aortic dissection and is now undergoing repair of aortic pseudoaneurysm and redo sternotomy. I need help with codes. Thank you!
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    Device interrogations

    I understand the physician needs to interpret the results and sign off device interrogations. Does it specifically have to be an electrophysiologist or can a cardiologist sign off on these? Thank you!
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    CPT help for sternal reconstruction

    Can someone help with CPT code for sternal reconstruction? Thank you!
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    percutaneous arteriotomy repair

    Can someone help me find the correct code for percutaneous arteriotomy repair? And do you know if this can be paid along with a left and right heart cath? 93460? Thanks!
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    One of my providers is going to start performing insertions of a new device called CardioMEM. There is no code assigned for this, so we need to use an unlisted code and I am just wondering if anyone else is familiar with this procedure and what procedure it can be compared to for the RVU value...
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    Stereotactic treatment/Rad Onc

    Regarding 77470 and 77432. These are unable to be billed on same DOS and I was hoping someone could tell me how their clinic was billing the special treatment procedure, 77470, and what day they were billing it on? Thank you!
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    Cardiothoracic training

    Does anyone know of a good conference or webinar series for Cardiothoracic coding? I have been coding for our Cardiology group, but this is a new area to me and I am looking for any help with resources, books, webinars, seminars, etc. Thank you!
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    Cardiothoracic Training

    Does anyone know of a good conference or webinar series for Cardiothoracic coding? I have been coding for our Cardiology group, but this is a new area to me and I am looking for any help with resources, books, webinars, seminars, etc. Thank you!
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    Temporary pacemaker - 33210

    I am aware of the NCCI edit for 33210 and cardiac interventions, but are there ever any instances where you could bill a temp pacemaker during an intervention or is this always a bundled component?
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    Upgrade to dual chamber ICD

    Patient upgraded from dual chamber pacemaker to dual chamber ICD. Physician removed right ventricular pacing lead, dual chamber pacemaker, implanted dual coil implantable cardioverter defibrillator lead, and dual chamber ICD. We billed 33233, 33234, 33249. I am not showing any of these need...
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    BodyFIX sheet for SBRT

    I am trying to locate the correct code to bill BodyFix sheets for SBRT for Radiation Oncology. Can anyone help? Thank you!
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    Device interrogations

    Can a Medical Assistant perform a device interrogation or do they have to have specific training in order to perform this service?
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    UFH bridging

    Has anyone had success with billing postop visits for bridging after ICD placement and ablation?
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    Toxic Drug List

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is a listing of drugs for rheumatology patients that require regular monitoring for toxicity? Thank you! Denise Suskie, CPC, CPMA
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    Geriatric Assessment

    I have a geriatrician who wants to bill for geriatric assessments of her patients. Has anyone else had experience with billing geriatric assessments? If so, what codes are you using?
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    Obesity diagnosis

    A physician documents in the A/P obesity, unspecified, 278.00. However according to weight and BMI, patient is morbidly obese. Can we change this to represent this or do we have to go by what is documented by the physician?
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    Urgent Care - IV start and stop time

    If a patient is started on IV infusion in the urgent care and gets transferred to the emergency room, what is used for the stop time for the infusion?
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    Training for Radiation Oncology

    Hello, I am an experienced coder and have been given the task of researching coding for Radiation Oncology as we are taking on a new group in a few months. Can anyone guide me on what resources/references we need to purchase and what kind of training/education I will need. Thank you!
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    Removal of ICD and placement of Pacemaker

    Hello, I have a physician who is removing an ICD and replacing it with a pacemaker. I usually see it where they are removing the ICD and replacing it with an ICD and vice versa. Would you use code 33249 or code for the removal of the ICD and code separately for the placement of the pacemaker...
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    3D mapping

    Need some clarification with 3D mapping codes 93613 and 93609. I know you cannot bill both together, but if 3D mapping is performing during the EP study, do we bill 93613 on the professional side or only bill 93609? The hospital is billing 93613. Thank you!