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    Benign reactive cellular changes

    Not really considered abnormal since the physician sends a letter to the patient stating that their pap was normal. Thank you though. Jill
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    Benign reactive cellular changes

    What diagnosis does everyone use when pap report states "benign reactive cellular changes"?
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    OB US codes or non-OB US codes

    I would use the 76817 because there is a positive pregnancy test.
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    Normal pap results w/ endometrial cells

    What about 796.9????
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    Newborn Inital E/M

    We have this situation all the time. The OB doc delivers the baby say maybe at night and then the peds doc comes in the next morning and does the initial newborn exam.
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    Wiki code for poor weight gain

    I am having trouble coming up with a code for poor weight gain for a 6 year old child. Any suggestions?
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    Removal of cervical cerclage w/o anesthesia

    I believe it is an E/M.
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    Diagnosis for Strep B + in pregnancy

    I use V02.51.
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    How do you bill for "Medical Records" ??

    I am only merly entering the charge for the HIM person sending the records out. Usually it is an isnsurance company requesting the records for an applicant applying for health insurance. I have even had this experiance myself when I applied for insurance the company wanted the records and I...
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    How do you bill for "Medical Records" ??

    I bill for medical records here in our office and I bill with dx code V68.9.
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    postpartum weeks

    Yes, the hospital discharge is included in the global delivery period.
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    Billing G0394 & 82270 Question?

    I agree you can not bill pts until they return the cards. Yes some money may be lost in doing this but there is nothing that can be done about it.
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    Pessary Insertion x2 coding Q.

    Why would you need a modifer? There are no global days for a pessary insertion. If the doctor had to refit her for another pessary due to the first one not working I think that would be appropriate.
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    Fetal Weight...

    Does the doctor suspect that the baby may not be growing appropriatly? Look at V28.4
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    DX ??? Help pretty please : )

    I like the 640.03 code. Jill, CPC
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    How does everyone code resolved issues? For instance doctor dictates breast mass, resolved and breast pain, resolved.
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    Would this be billed outside the global package?

    Did she have a colpo on at this visit?
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    DX code help please!!

    She had 2 positive BHCG tests then a negative. I don't know much about that but I think it would be odd to have 2 positive then a negative.
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    DX code help please!!

    Doctor stated dx as "failed pregnancy". The pt had a positive BHCG of 60 and then a week later fell to 5.49. The pt states she never had any bleeding or cramping. I was looking at 634.90 but really don't like that. Any ideas?? Thank you, Jill CPC
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    What type of provider bills 88142?

    That is not always the case. We have a contract with the lab and this can be done this way. We bill 88142 for insurance and private pay pts then the lab bills us.
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    ??? help

    Look at the codes v88.01 thru v88.03.
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    What type of provider bills 88142?

    I think all of this depends on what type of agreement that you have with the lab that interprets the pap smear. In my office we bill the 88142 and then the lab bills us.
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    fetal demise

    Would you fax that to me please. Jill 217-223-9172 Thank you!!
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    Do I use a routine postpartum V code or very young maternal age code

    I would not use the 659.81, I agree that is not correct. I would use v24.2.
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    cryotherapy - doc did cryotherapy on cervix

    How about 57511?
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    Wiki Total Adbominal Hysterectomy

    I could not have said it any better myself. I totally agree.
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    removal of polyp of cervix

    I use 57500.
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    Obstetric Ultrasounds

    Many times the first ultrasound is done because the pt has had a positive pregnancy test and we are doing the ultrasound because they are unsure of their dates.
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    Pessary Cleaning - What is the best way

    Has anyone ever billed 57150 along with pessary cleaning when the physician also irrigates the vagina during the pessary cleaning?
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    Pessary Cleaning - What is the best way

    I use an E/M with dx of the reason that they have the pessary such as cystocel or incontinence.
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    AUB diagnosis

    If doctor uses dx Abnormal Uterine Bleeding what dx would you use? 626.8 or 626.9
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    How to bill??

    I have a patient that was transferred to another facility OOT due to having severe pre-eclampsia and delivered at 32 weeks by C-section. The patient then came back to our office for her C-section check. Not her postpartum visit, that she will come back for in another 3-4 weeks. How do I bill...
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    CPT code for delivery

    I am curious to what others will say to this. I have run across this situation where pt is say 20-25 weeks pregnant and has fetal demise and the doctors will actually induce their labor so that they deliver vaginally. We have billed a delivery but many times they do not pay for this.
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    Thank you!! I wish there was something more specific.
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    The pts membranes ruptured at 26 weeks I do not know if /when she delivered b/c she was transfered OOT to high risk center. That is all that I have.
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    What Dx Should I Use For Preterm Premature Ruputre Of Membranes?
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    diagnostic lap with dye injection

    Look at code 58350. It may be what you are looking for.
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    Delivery W/ no Provider Present

    Although I did not like doing it I did bill for the global b/c not only did ACOG say it was ok. I had my supervisor and another coder working in ob/gyn for years that states that is the way she has always done it also. I am with you though it does not feel right. That is why I have saved that...
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    diagnostic lap with dye injection

    Where was the dye injected?
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    Delivery W/ no Provider Present

    I to have had this question and wrote to ACOG and here is the response that I got copied and pasted. I have a hard time billing for something that was not done but I have saved the email for that reason. Hope this helps. This is in response to your e-mail of May 30, 2008. You asked about...
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    Obstetric Ultrasounds

    Depending on the insurance company but we have had some luck with our doctors writting a letter to the insurance to explain why a second is done and have gotten paid by doing that.
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    Hospital Superbills

    Does anyone have a copy of a hospital superbill that they could send me? The ones that my physicians are using are so old and i would like something that I could copy off of to get an idea and then maybe create our own. Thank you, Jill
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    New Dx Code

    How are you all interpreting the new code V28.81, Encounter for Fetal Anatomic Survey? What kind of situation would someone use this code?
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    gyn surgery question

    I HAD THIS SAME QUESTION THAT I EMAILED ACOG AND THIS IS THE RESPONSE I GOT. HOPE THIS HELPS. Cystoscopy (52000) is often performed during or following a primary procedure in order to ensure proper placement of for example, surgical sutures and to ensure that the urethra and bladder have not...
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    laproscopic ovarian cystectomy

    What code do you guys use for this surgery?
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    v25.2 I use v25.2 only as dx for the surgery. I use v25.09 when the patient comes in the discuss surgery.
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    So have we come to the conclusion that there is no code for the doctor collecting in the office as part of a yearly screening?
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    Observation codes

    Can someone explain to me the 8 hour rule for Observation status? I have a pt that was in the hospital for observation status on one day and then went home the next day. She was there for more than 8 hours so that rules out 99218-99220 and she was admitted and discharged on different dates so...
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    Ob/gyn Audit

    Audit forms Hello there. Is there a possiblity that you could fax these to me as well? My fax number is 217-223-9172 attn Jill. Thank you so much!
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    surgery codes

    I need help with something. Here is the procedure as listed on op report. Diagnostic laparoscopy, rt salpingo-oophorectomy, and aspiration and drainage of left ovarian hemorrhagic cyst. thanks