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    Medicare experts

    Does anyone know how I go about converting CPT codes into the counterpart Medicare G code? Is there a website? Thank you
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    Flu test a and b

    Hello! Does anyone know the proper coding regulations under UnitedHealth for coding BOTH the Flu A and Flu B tests on the same DOS? UHC is rejecting the following: 87400 x2 units 87400 and 87400-91 87400 and 87400-79 Any thoughts? Thanks, Grace A. Hawa, CPA-A
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    G0107 and Medicare

    Thank you so much for your response!! Grace Hawa, CPC-A
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    G0107 and Medicare

    Hello: Can anyone tell me if G0107 (Fecal Occult) is covered under Medicare regulations under a routine physical? Thank You
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    Questioning Advantages of AAPC Membership

    Debra: Thank you for your reply. I most certainly have been applying for positions in the healthcare field other than Billing and Coding. I have applied for Receptionist positions, Data Entry positions, Insurance Verification positions, and Payment Posting positions, all of which require a...
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    Questioning Advantages of AAPC Membership

    Hello: I became a CPC-A in December of 2009. Both my educational (Master Degree in Finance) and professional backgrounds are stellar. Yet, despite all that, I have not been able to put my foot in the door in the Billing and Coding field because of my lack of experience in the field. A couple...
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    CPC-A in Houston, TX

    Hello! I passed my CPC exam in December upon first attempt. I am seeking a Medical Billing and Coding position. I am a detail oriented, focused, and very enthusiastic learner wishing to align myself with a facility or doctor's office in order to contribute to their mission and growth. I have...
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    Hardworking CPC-A in Houston Texas Looking for either Part Time or Full-Time Position

    Good Morning: I am a CPC-A in Houston, Texas and I obtained CPC Certification in December upon first try. I have also completed Health Information Speacialist certification with a 4.0 GPA. I have interned for a couple of months at the Medical Center in Houston. Unfortunately, the doctor's...
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    CPC-A Looking for Long Term position

    Good Morning Mary- I faxed my resume to the number you gave me. Could you let me know if you received it and also if you are still looking for an ASC coder? Thank you so much. Grace
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    CPC-A Looking for Long Term position

    Mary: Thank you so much for your reply. I apologize for the late reply as I have been traveling on business. I would very much like to work in ASC billing. May I still fax you my resume? Kind regards, Grace
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    CPC-A Looking for Long Term position

    I just received CPC-A certification 2 months ago and I am looking for a position with either a Hospital or a physician's office in Houston, Texas. I have completed an Internship at a Cardiologist's office in the Medical Center. I am fluent in 4 languages and I am also a Master's Degree...