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    Embolization with coils balloon and stent

    Hi I'm looking for some guidance for coding the following procedure. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) * INDICATION: 57 y.o. female with multiple cerebral aneurysms * COMPARISON: CTA performed on * * ANESTHESIA: General Anesthesia. * * CONSENT: The procedure, risks, benefits and...
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    Diagnostic Cerebral Angiogram and Venogram

    Good Morning I am looking for some assistance with this report to check my CODING. I appreciate any help you can offer. Study Result PROCEDURE: Diagnostic Cerebral Angiogram and Venogram CONSENT: The procedure, risks, benefits and alternatives to cerebral angiography were discussed with...
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    Iliocaval thrombosis SPECIALTY CODING

    Please help with coding this procedure. Your help is really appreciated!!! * SURGEON: * ASSISTANT SURGEON:t * FELLOW: * PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Iliocaval thrombosis with bilateral lower extremity DVT, history of intracranial hemorrhage and tibial vein DVT and VenaTech convertible filter...
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    New to Neurovascular Surgery-Specialty Coding

    Hi, I'm new to NV surgery and would like to have someone who specializes in this field look over my coding. It's greatly appreciated! Codes I'm thinking 61624 36226 50, 36224 50, 36227 50, 75894 26, not sure how many times I can code 75898 26, maybe 5? Also 76377,26 NOTE: Please bill...
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    Revision Of AAA Rupture post EVAR

    Would appreciate any assistance coding this report. 34812 x 2 36200 x2 35661 37242 ? 34802 ORDERING MD: OP LOCATION: SP AAA ENDOVASCULAR REPAIR ACCESSION NO: PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Rupture of aortic aneurysm status post EVAR POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Rupture of abdominal aortic...
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    EGD Peg-J tube placement under fluoroscopic

    Looking for help for this case. I'm thinking 43246 and 49441. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The patient was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion in supine position. A gastroscope was inserted through the upper esophageal sphincter, with direct digital manipulation advanced down to the...
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    Help with Repair of EVAR Endoleak and Rt IIAneurysm

    Could someone please advise on correct coding of these procedures? (Extension prosthesis for the limbs and Int Iliac Aneurysm stent graft) REASON FOR EXAM: graft migration------ PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: History of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm status post endovascular repair, now with...
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    Peg/PeJ Tube Placement

    Has anyone ever coded this procedure before? Based on the documentation the Peg was placed endoscopically and the J-tube was snared by the endoscope. I appreciate any suggestions or resources :) PROCEDURE IN DETAIL: The patient was laid in the supine position. The gastroscope was inserted...
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    Gore Hybrid Graft Placement

    I am looking for direction when coding a Left upper arm AVG with a Gore Hybrid. Any resources would be greatly appreciated.
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    Peg/PegJ placement coding help

    Has anyone ever coded this procedure before? A transverse incision was made in the skin. A large bore sheath was advanced through the skin into the gastric lumen. A wire was advanced down the sheath and grasped with a snare. It was pulled out through the oropharynx, hooked to the PEG, and...