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    Correct diagnosis code for emphysematous changes

    Hello! Could someone please tell the correct ICD-10 code when the path returns as emphysematous changes? Thanks!
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    Do you bill for the SAVI or just the insertion?

    I have a breast surgeon who inserted a SAVI catheter in the office. Is there a code for the device in addition to the insertion code? Thanks for your help!
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    CPT code VATS with drainage of pleural effusion-help please

    VATS surgery is new to me and I was hoping for some assistance. I cannot locate a code for VATS with draining of pleural effusion. I saw a post where it was said to use 32601. My encoder leads me to an unlisted code. "Thoracoscope was introduced into the chest showing fair decompression of...
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    Screening colo billed with G0121

    Hoping someone can help answer the following question. My understanding when billing a screening colo where nothing is removed, 45378 would be billed for commercial insurance and G0121/G0105 is billed for Medicare/Medicare Advantage. However; it has been suggested that ALL screening colo's...
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    Secondary Repair-Definition

    I am having a total brain block. I know the answer, but can't remember or find it anywhere. When the CPT code states "secondary repair" what is the definition?:confused: Thanks for your help!
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    Diagnosis code help, please

    I received a path report back on a colonoscopy that says: Pedunculated adenomatous polyp with high grade atypia. Non-adenomatous mucosa identified at stalk margin. This is a new one for me. Any ideas? :confused:
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    Billing epidurograms with epidural steroid injections

    My question is can I bill 62311 with 72275? I have an ortho that does these injections outpatient hospital. He does the epidurogram and then the steroid injection. He is dictating a separate report for the epidurogram and I add a 26modifier to 72275 because it is the hospitals equipment. I am...