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    11055/11056 denial for last date seen

    I've been getting them recently too. I've just been resubmtting them. However, if the pt is diabetic its better to use the DLS from the referring or endocrinologist/pcp
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    Lcsw credentialing

    I'm VERY new to behavioral health coding/credentialing. Does ANYONE have any helpful tips/resources I could utilize in making this transition easier? Also, they want me to credential a LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) is it the same as a Dr/PhD or different?
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    Spine coding for staged procedure

    Was this a co-surgeon case? Usually these types are, also can you put up the op note? Try checking out 'the business of spine' it's a great company, full of references. They send monthly emails ect...they come out on site and are really nice. We deal with them a lot. Also, try Medtronic...
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    vascular tree chart

    chart please If anyone has access to the charts, could you also send me a copy! I would greatly appreciate it! I want to go for my CIRCC soon, I need as much info as possible. My email is Thanks in advance! -Sami
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    Trigger Point question

    Thanks Debra! I appreciate it!
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    Trigger Point question

    Hello! We've been having issues getting our trigger points paid by Medicare. They pay one level, but if it's bilateral or an additional level we've been having issues getting them reimbursed. We've tried using the '50' modifier as well as the '59' modifier. Has anyone else come across this...
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    ICD-10 Superbills

    Can you also send me a copy of the ICD-10 family practice superbill?! I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much! Sami Jo
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    SI joint fusion code 0334T

    For commercial health insurance and medicare we are billing $3,500.00. They both actually reimburse somewhere around $1,000.00 - $1,500.00. For motor vehicle and workmans compensation we bill around $15,000.00 as they reimburse higher. But there are surgeons in our area who charge upwards of...