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    Question Lactation billing

    How do you bill for a NP and MD who sees mom for a lactation visit? We've just been billing as a 99213-99215 depending on time and documentation. I also have seen where you can bill 99401-99404 along with 99213-99215. Is this true? What if they do a group setting (2 or more) of new moms for a...
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    Admit from office

    We had a patient in the office for a well check. The doctor sent them to the hospital to be admitted (We occasionally have this instance where the doc has to call the ER to admit them from the office). Can I bill 99221-99223 since we sent them to the hospital but didn't actually see them until...
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    Rectal strep Test

    Do we still use 87880 and 87081 when doing a rectal rapid strep test (87880) and overnight culture (87081)?
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    Documentaion of Vaccines

    Do you have to document the lot # of vaccines in the chart if they are documented on a log attached on a clipboard that is not in the chart (this is kept in a separate binder)?
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    Peds coding

    I need a dx for a child who has recurrent infections!!
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    surfactant deficeincy disorder

    HELP!!!! We need a dx code for SDD