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    Billing Screening Colonoscopy Work Up

    One of my providers is asking if he can bill a screening exam for a patient who ended up deciding not to have the colonoscopy performed. The patient did not present with any symptoms and was otherwise healthy, so the only diagnosis we have to bill is the Encounter For Screening Z12.11. I...
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    CPC certified 5 years, 6 years experience - LOOKING FOR REMOTE WORK

    I started out as a front desk receptionist in a cardiology office and worked my way up to billing after 2 years. I was doing E&M coding for about 6 months before becoming certified through AAPC as a CPC. After becoming certified I spent another 2 years billing and coding in the cardiology office...
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    POS for Well Visit performed at Work

    My physician performs annual well visits for the employees of a company at the work site. I assumed POS code 18 would be sufficient, however, it says to use no later than 05/01/2013. Is this POS code still billable? If not would the proper POS be 99?
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    CPC 3yrs Experience - Looking for Full-Time position in Tampa area (Remote preferred)

    3yrs experience in cardiology coding including heart catheterizations, peripherals, interventions, and diagnostic testing. Quick learner and more than willing to learn other specialties. Looking to start a remote career, however, not a must have. Prefer to stay in the Tampa Bay area as well...
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    nuclear - missing anything

    Exactly how I code our Lexiscan's and never had any issues!
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    Physician Authorization for Inpatient/Observation Services

    Forgive my lack of knowledge! I'm more familiar with coding, and just now starting to get into working some denials! What about insurances that do not require authorization for the hospital, but some of the physician services still require auth? United health care denies just about ALL of our...
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    Physician Authorization for Inpatient/Observation Services

    How does everyone go about getting authorization for their physicians for inpatient and observation hospital services that they perform during rounds? Currently we are having to write off a lot of our hospital claims for not having authorization. I am having a hard time figuring out the easiest...
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    Denial for 36012 & 76937

    We received a denial for 36012 and 76937 stating that these procedure code/bill types are inconsistent with the place of service. Place of service was inpatient at the hospital, however, it was in a rehab setting with POS 61. Is there a reason these procedures codes are unable to be billed in a...
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    HELP!! 6 Minute Walk - 94620

    No, just how far they were able to walk within that 6 minutes.
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    HELP!! 6 Minute Walk - 94620

    Our physician did a 6 Minute Walk with a patient for the first time. The only thing measured was distance. Can we bill 94620 when this was the only thing measured?
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    Denial for 93306 same day as and inclusive to 78452

    We have been receiving denials for Echo's (93306) performed same day as Nuclear Stress's (78452) due to the fact that they are included in the Nuclear study. Does anyone know of any documentation that shows these procedures can be separately billed same day and not inclusive to one another? We...
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    J0151 & J0152 Replacements???

    Does anyone know what codes to use for Adenosine. Previously I was told to use J0151 in place of the J0152, but J0151 has also been deleted and I have multiple denials from different insurances. What are we supposed to bill for Adenosine?
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    Thank you, I see where I got confused. Also, since the units are changing, then the fee amount billed will also have to be changed as well correct? Would I just divide our current fee for J0152 by thirty?
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    I had this issue as well but was informed from multiple sources to use A9270. Has anyone else heard to use this as the replacement? :confused: