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    Question Hemi to total TSA

    Hello, What CPT code would you report when converting a hemiarthroplasty to a reversal total shoulder arthroplasty? Thank you in advance!! :)
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    Irrigation and debridement to bone foot

    Hello, What is the appropriate CPT for this surgery. My provider uses 28005. DX: Cellulitis and abscess of foot, large abscess on the plantar aspect of his foot with evident infection and erythema in light of Charcot neuropathy. I then evaluated the wound. I sharply debrided nonviable...
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    Is excision of exostosis included with hardware removal?

    Hi, I would like your advice on how you all would bill the below scenario. My provider wants to bill both 20680 and 27635. There are no NCCI edits with these 2 codes. But my gut is telling me that these are bundled. An incision made over the medial malleolus.  Dissection was carried on...
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    Unstable Osgood-Schlatter Ossicle

    Hi, We are debating on what code to use for "excision of unstable Osgood-Schlatter ossicle". One Dr said 27340, another said 27360, I say unlisted 27599 but am uncertain as to which CPT to compare it to. What do you all use for Ossicle excision? If unlisted what code do you compare it to? TIA...
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    Percutaneous drilling of distal fibula

    Hi, My doc did a right ankle arthroscopy with debridement and drilling of anterolateral osteochondral talar lesion, 29891 followed by percutaneous drilling of distal fibula for delayed union of fibula fracture. I am looking for a CPT code for the drilling of the delayed union of fibula...
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    Aborted ESI

    Hi, Physician wants to bill for an aborted Interlaminar ESI that was converted to a Transforaminal ESI due to difficult anatomy. I have posted the note below. Can he bill for both the aborted ILESI and the the TFESI? Thanks for your help! Lori T12-L1 ILESI: Using fluoroscopy, the...
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    New Nerve Conduction Study Codes 95907-95913

    I have a question regarding the new CPT Nerve conduction study codes and Appendix J. In looking at Appendix J ~ is each numbered nerve listed under the main nerve a separate nerve? For example: the Sensory Median nerve is listed and then there are 6 median nerves listed underneath it. For...
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    Observation consult then office visit next day

    I need your opinion please Medicare Patient is seen in ER on Sunday, has reduction of fracture and then admitted to Observation. On Monday Ortho doctor is called to consult on the pt in the Observation area, 99213. Ortho dr. decides the pt needs pinning sometime this week. The pt is...
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    Is there a HCPCS code for freeze dried bone allograft? The only thing that I can come up with is C1762. Has anyone out there billed for the allograft or is it bundled into the procedure? :confused: