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    TC or 26????

    I agree, if the physician owns the equipment and is performing & supervising then no modifier is required. Susan Vradenburgh, CPC
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    Colonoscopy & small intestional endoscopy

    I agree with you that only the 45378 is truly billable. From everything I was taught during the 5 years I coded GI, true small bowel endoscopies are only done via telemetry capsule, surgically, or via stoma. Susan Vradenburgh, CPC
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    Coding Thrombectomy

    thrombectomy a thrombectomy cannot be coded with a cath unless it is mechanical and well documented (Angiojet is a great example of a mechanical)
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    Attempted angioplasty

    attempted angioplasty I don't think modifier 53 would be appropriate, this was a reduced service not necessarily discontinued. I personally would use the 52 instead and that is what our practice uses as well.
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    Can a nuclear stress test and echo billed on same date of serice

    echo and nuclear stress test yes, you can bill both the same day. they are not bundled, however, you can't bill the stress test with an E&M without a 25 modifier (well documented)
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    Outpatient Diagnostic Testing/ Physician Office

    I have been coding for over 13 years and I have never been told or read anywhere that a procedure/diagnostic test could not be billed with findings as primary dx. You can code the dx discovered during the procedure be it in or outpatient. If our patient has chest pain and goes in for a Cath &...
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    Billing for an office visit, echo and a pm check

    this wasnt for an AV Optimization was it?
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    New versus Est.

    It has always been my understanding that there are no exceptions to the new patient requirements for Medicare billing, if the patient has been seen by a provider within that practice within the past 3 years they are not new. I haven't found anything stating otherwise. If you do find something...
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    Wiki CHF exacerbation

    Actually, 428.0 is just the unspecified CHF code. To be more precise you would want to know if it is systolic or diastolic and from there you would code it with the 4th digit "3" as "acute on chronic". (example: 428.23 systolic heart failure/acute on chronic). There isn't an actual...