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    91110 Capsule Endoscope Delivery Device

    Does anyone know of a seperate procedure for the placement of the "Pill Cam" to the stomach or small intestine of a patient? The patient cannot swallow the pill and it must be placed by the physician. Capsule Endoscope Delivery Device. Brian Hamilton, CPC Omega Medical Solutions
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    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina will not pay for a circumcision done on the same day of any e/m code although the e/m is coded with a 25 modifier. Even our appeals are denied by this carrier. Has anyone has any luck with appeal denials on the circumcision procedure? Has anyone...
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    Procedure 61795

    How many times can procedue 61795 be billed with codes: 31276 31276 50 31255 31255 50 31256 31256 50 31289 31289 50 This is an add-on code but I'm not sure if we bill this out for each procedure, right and left, or just once??? I cannot find any documentation concerning this. I assume it is...